November 17, 2009

Does this mean I can't sign up?

Many of you received the email today from The National about HGTV looking for "messy" sports collectors. They want to find people whose collections are unorganized and a bit crazy and help them make it oh-so-pretty.

Wonderful. Sounds like fun and I am sure there are several collectors out there who would benefit from this type of makeover, including our very own Marie-bay.

However, the email starts with this:

The HGTV Network is looking to power up with some strong "male" dominance by picking a sports super home to do a fabulous TV "Make Over". Do your sports collectibles grow like weeds instead of flowers? Is it one mess from the doorway to doorway? Then you might be the lucky person who becomes a hero to your wife and family, as HGTV comes in and gives you the ultimate home makeover.

Yeah, so I'm a bit annoyed because I have a collection of sports memorabilia and cards. But, guess what HGTV? I HAVE BOOBS!!!!!!

You don't have to be a guy to be into sports and collect. I get that the majority of collectors are men, but what about The Hamiltonian, Kimaloo and the women of Dinged Corners.

Don't we count for something?

I have boobs. I like sports. I collect baseball cards and am damn proud of it!


  1. As a man whose collection is NOT particularly messy, I take offense that they're screening out Felix Ungers!

  2. We're all proud of your boobs Sooz... you are not alone.

  3. Oh Lord, if my wife finds out about this I'm screwed.

    As for the boobs comment, let's just say I'm fairly Mickelsoneque meself...

  4. Sooz is right. If HGTV wants male viewers...they need her boobs.

  5. Let's sue!!

    Wait, that would be frivolous.

  6. I'd even tune in for Sooz's boobs.

    Honestly, if anyone saw how many cards I have and how they are literally everywhere... You would be amazed I can find anything.

    My stuff is organized my way, if someone came in and reorganized or even worse, handled my cards, I might hurt them.

  7. It also appears that they are only including folks who live in "NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, MA and other Northeast locations." I presume those people are the sloppiest of all.

  8. I think they'd do well to choose you. Show all those people that ladies can collect too! You should apply.

  9. makes sense to me. HGTV is for women so they are looking for a hunk that has a sloppy card collection. Northeast-based home so the crew doesn't have to travel very far to film the show or segment.

    I'd like to see a "ESPN is looking for a woman who collects cards and is disorganized and would like a card room makeover". A woman who collects cards is a dream - nothing to explain when it comes to looking for approval from the domestic finance authority! ;)

  10. I wish I'd gotten the e-mail! How do we apply?

  11. Lost me at boobs. (Has a JD from Scrubs daydream moment.)

  12. The comments had me hysterical laughing the last two days.

    Here is the rest of the email for anyone interested in applying:

    Turn your collection into a true sports presentation. HGTV is casting for families in NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, MA and other Northeast locations.

    Email us about your situation at home, what you've got, where you live, etc. and we will turn all emails over to the casting director of HGTV. This is the real deal! Be on TV and get your sports stuff looking GREAT!

    Send all emails to:

  13. I've often wondered how many marriage proposals you two get on a daily basis, being lovely young women AND collectors...

  14. It says male but I bet you would be a shoe in as a female. No offense but they probably didn't expect there to be many female collectors. You gotta at least try.

  15. What about West Coast collectors? Just because I don't have snow in winter doesn't mean I still don't have a garage igloo made out of 800-count boxes...