November 13, 2009

Blowout Deals on Black Friday

I have spoken to some of you about the whole going out and shopping on Black Friday and we were all skeptical of any internet card deals. I have just learned that Blowout Cards will be hosting a Black Friday sale starting at 6am Black Friday 11/27.

Sadly I am sure I will be at the mall buying crap I don't necessarily need, or stocking stuffers. I love the rush of running around a mall at 4am for no real reason with a bunch of other lunatics. Hopefully when I get home there is something fun left for me to get, but it's the season for giving not getting so I won't be upset if I miss out. If I hear of any other card companies hosting sales I will keep you updated.


  1. Great, something else to set aside money for. This sale will really get in the way of the birth of my first son!

  2. black friday = overrated.

    maybe I"m jaded that I"m never the first 5 to get an item for a good deal and pass on buying the item at a more normal sale price.

    Since i'm up that time of morning before going to bed, i'll see if they will put the products I'm looking for on sale but I bet it will be only one or two items at a good price before the rest of their sales are at the normal store site price.

  3. I think I've mentioned this before, but:

    I NEVER shop on Black Friday. Unless it's in front of my computer. I hate being in close proximity to crazy people.