November 28, 2009

27 cards for 27 championships

Hey, don't blame me I didn't write it. The phrase actually came out of my mail and believe it or not, from a Red Sox fan. The only good Red Sox fan is a ..... well, nevermind. Ron, who happens to be the only Sox fan I like, sent me a package of cards. The note inside had that phrase which made me laugh.

Ron sent me 27 Yankees, I scanned the old school ones that were in there and I don't think I had any of them which made it super, super awesome. I have some other mail that I need to share with you guys but I have been all over the place the last 2 days shopping which is a story in and of itself.

Here are 9 of the cards Ron sent, I love them all, but these made me most happy.

Thank you Ron, I will be working on a similar shipment for you. Luckily for me the Sox haven't won as many championships.... =) I'm a booger.


  1. about the return care package, at least he's not a Washington Nationals fan.

    Where did I put that Expos/Nationals World Series DVD? ;)

  2. Glad you liked the cards, and didn't already have most of them. To be fair, I hadn't planned on doing the "27" thing, but when I filled the case I counted them and came with 26. So, I tossed in an extra one.

    I actually have a couple more YSL cards for you. My Target put blasters of '08 UD and Goudy 50% off a week or so ago, so I grabbed a few. Strangely enough, the '08 Stadium Club are still full price.

  3. my Target has the same deal going, but I have so many piles of doubles and triples from all those sets that I just didn't want another paperweight. However, Stadium Club is half price. After paying $2.99 for a bunch of those blasters this time last year, it makes $9.99 still seem like too much.