November 14, 2009

2009 Ballpark Collection Box Break

As most of you know I write for the Upper Deck Blog week to week (lately bi-weekly because of the Yankees games) and I got my box of fun from them yesterday. This installment was a 2009 Ballpark Collection box. Normally I wouldn't be able to afford such a high end product so this was very exciting for me to open. Though it was only 4 packs, I opened them very slowly to to enjoy it for as long as possible.

I must say that when I opened the first pack of this I can totally see why the high dollar thrill seekers love $50 packs. I pulled the first pack out of the box and was amazed at the thickness and very anxious to see what "mojo" was inside. The thrill of high end stuff is something I could probably get used to if I were to win the lotto one day. Sadly I will have to stick to blasters and the occasional hobby box for now. I scanned each pack in the order I opened them, with individual card scans so that you can see how the packs were, and get a good look at each card.

I am willing to part with most of these cards for Pujols or other guys I like.

Pack 1:

Pack 2:

I wanted to buy this card on eBay so bad, and did a jig when I saw it. Hi Adam!
I am considering burning this card...

Pack 3:

Holler @ the Hamiltonian...

Pack 4:

Nick Swisher.

If anyone has something from this set, SP Authentic, or Triple Threads that they might be interested in trading for any of these please let me know.


  1. I'm puzzled why a 2009 product has Manny still in a Red Sox uniform when he's been gone for two years. For $50 a pack, I would expect up-to-date cards and a little more than white and gray swatches.

    Opening stuff like this when you normally can't is a blast. I got to open a box of Bowman Sterling basketball that I got from Topps when I sent them a damaged card and I had a blast opening that.

    Upper Deck produces some beautiful cards at times, but everything they do seems to be so overpriced. It seems like I can't buy any of it until the price drops a year after it comes out. I love it when the price drops on stuff like 2007 Elements and I can pick up a box.

    Congrats on the gig writing for Upper Deck. I've enjoyed the articles even if some of them have been a little Yankee-centric for my taste.

  2. I would be pissed with those auto's. Swisher...pfff.

  3. That is a tough break. Wow, um, yeah, that's a terrible product for that kind of cash, but as we all know, nothing beats the low low cost of free.

  4. Nice, Hamilton. :)

    Off to search for Pujols.

    That Mozart card is kind of creeping me out though.

  5. You didn't tell me you got that Jeter!

    Btw, they also have Thome in a Phillies uni.

    But it was fun breaking even if I was on gmail.

  6. Oh noes, I need to find you something good to save David Ortiz from getting burned!

  7. Dang, maybe I need to find about five something goods, in case the one with Hanley or the other one with Ortiz give you pyromaniacal tendencies for any reason.

  8. Thome in a Phillies uniform is ridiculous. That jersey is at least four years old.

  9. There isn't much in there that I liked, but I enjoyed opening a high end box since that isn't something I get to do ever.

    Swisher auto is terrible, but I also bought an Adam Lind auto so I don't think I would find anyone else I'd like from this set other than a Jeter auto if he is in this set. Pujols and Cano sign for Topps.

  10. Boy, that was just full of Sox sprinkled in everywhere. You must have loved it! :)

  11. I have a Pablo Sandoval by the letter from SP that I'd give up for one of those Markakis relics...I could probably add to it if need be.

  12. Aaron, I don't collect Pablo Sandoval. If you have one of the guys I collect we can work something out.

  13. I'm going to take a look and see what I've got, I know I have a giant pile of YSL cards that I would really like to never see again...