October 15, 2009

NLCS Tonight!

The days are boring when baseball isn't on television. This time between series isn't good for anyone (you can ask TB (the boyfriend).

However, now is not the time to lament over staring at each other on the couch and him wondering why I have nothing else to do.

Here are my (Sooz) picks for the series.

I have an interest in both these series. In the Yankees-Angels series, I'm a Yankees fan, so I want to see the team I have enjoyed over the course of my life win. In the NLCS, if the Phillies make it to the World Series, I will be covering the entire thing, home and away. Right now, I have only been covering the Phillies playoff home games for work.

Which means I would love for a Phillies-Yankees World Series because I'm selfish and it would be fun for me.

But now we put my bias aside and look at the series from a logical perspective (at least my logic).

ALCS: Yankees in 6.
I feel the Yankees have too difficult of a time against the Angels, but in the end they will pull it out. It should be a great series, but I really think the Yankees are just too good from the starting pitching to the great lineup and a stellar back end of the bullpen.

NLCS: Dodgers in 6.
This series could go down to seven games and part of me thinks that it might. These are two evenly matched teams. Solid starters, who could be inconsistent on any given day. Hitters who seem to always get the big hit when it counts. But the difference is in the bullpens. Brad Lidge and Ryan Madson just haven't done it for Philadelphia. If you look at the stats, you'll see the Dodgers have 26 blown saves, but 13 of them were by guys you'll will never see in the ninth inning (one isn't even on the roster). George Sherrill and Jonathan Broxton are the difference.

What are you predictions?


  1. I picked the Dodgers and Yankees.

    If my accuracy last round is any indication, that's very good news for the Phillies and Angels.

  2. I love how the defending champs get no respect, even from the people that covered them. Wow.

    I think if the Angels win that series the suicide rate in NY will go up 10 fold. I think the Angels are getting less respect than the defending champs are if that's possible.

    This reminds me of last year when "everyone" wanted Manny to go back to Boston. Flash forward to this year and now its Torre heading back to NYC. Well we know how that played out last year....

  3. So the part where I said these teams are evenly matched means I have no respect for the Phillies.

    It has nothing to do with a lack of respect. My prediction has to do with watching this team all season long.

    It's easy to come on here after the team wins the first game.

    I'm not changing my prediction after one game. And, if I am wrong, then I am wrong.

  4. Well, if my family vacation record holds, then the Yankees will win the World Series, so it doesn't really matter. :-)