October 2, 2009

Sticker Autos and a comment someone made

So this week we posted some disgusting eBay auctions and there were plenty of comments. Now I will let you all know that the Pujols card I put up sold for almost $6,000. The thought of me ever spending that on a card is non-existent, I don't even find spending that to own one appealing. The card at that price really has no appeal to me. I love you Albert, just not that much.

One of the comments that was made (not sure by who, and I am too lazy to go back and look but feel free to take the credit you deserve) was something like, 'I wonder how that person will feel in 20 years when the sticker auto is peeling off'. I must admit, the thought of that one day happening with any of these cards that I own never even dawned on me.

Now I sit here mentally listing all the sticker autos I own and wondering if years from now, all the glue will be old and dried up, and fall off. (Sounds like what happens to most people, so why should stickers be different. *gong*) This really makes you wonder what might happen years from now. We have all seen some epic Sweet Spot ball card failures, so who is to say the stickers won't end up as crumbly shiny things that once held a pristine signature.

I was super happy when I found a Lind on card auto from the 2008 Masterpieces, and I one day want to get my hands on the Turkey Red (I believe 2006) Robinson Cano on card auto. I have my Mariano Rivera Turkey Red on card auto that I pulled from a hobby box I bought, and I still will say that was the best pull ever (the Jeter dual GU auto doesn't count since it's not mine, but that was fun to open).

Has anyone else ever thought about this? I gotta tell you, this may make me think a little differently before submitting a best offer or bidding on anymore sticker autos. I say this now, but I can't say it won't happen because there aren't many other choices out there.

P.S. I wish I had hung onto the Matt Antonelli card. Oh well.


  1. I never thought of that either, but will definitely never try and get an auto with a sticker now. That theory has definitely changed my collecting choices. Thanks

  2. I wonder if the card companies have thought about this. I wonder what they would say.

  3. Hey all. I left that comment under Anonymous the other day. Sorry if it caused new concerns.

    I still buy sticker autos (because I'm an auto junkie) but I made a mental note to never throw down big bucks on anything that isn't on-card. And with my small budget big bucks is any auto over $30.

    Who knows, maybe they won't peel for 80 years. But it seems the day will come be it 10, 30 or 80 years.

    Glad my comment made it onto 'A Cardboard Problem' though, because I like this blog a lot!

  4. No concerns, Ken. I thought you made a great point, and one many of us probably never even thought of. Glad you like the blog, who do you collect? Plenty of people around here always looking to trade.

  5. Thanks.

    I collect nearly everything. It's out of control.

    But my favorite things are Baltimore Orioles' autos or Orioles stuff in general.

    I haven't tried trading before. Almost everything I have purchased since 2002 has been from Ebay/Internet (no car - no card shops around).

    I really miss card shows though.

  6. There are a couple of guys around that also collect Orioles that may be good to link up with to trade if you ever become interested in trying it out. Feel free to shoot us an e-mail if you are interested in trading anything.

  7. I have a Jeff Niemann Bowman sticker auto that has already faded beyong recognizition and its two years old. Yeah, that stuff makes me nervous...

  8. Wow! If any of m sticker autos falls off i will go to the company and "releave myself on the front step" Do the companies cover the card for this type of thing?

  9. i haven't given things any thought because I hope the adhesive is of the same quality as a mailing label sticker. I'm looking at my 1983 cardboard box from a Wisconsin mail order dealer and the sticker on the box can't come off! i'm trying to remove it so the box doesn't look too ugly when I repurpose it for my 2009 O-Pee-Chee set.

    I suppose I should open up a hermetically sealed business where I can seal a card inside a rigid holder so that there won't be a way for UV or air to dry out/breakdown the sticker adhesive over time assuming that might be an issue with time.

  10. Even if I had $6,000 to spend on baseball cards I wouldn't spend it on one card no matter who it was.