October 5, 2009

2009 Fantasy Baseball Results

Rank TeamPointsPts ChangeWaiverMoves
1. The Dude8864866119
2. Grand Cards885150721
3. Purple Donkey8726271078
4. Victorious Secret826582290
5. Carolina Xfractors821742851
6. The Franchise7696321235
7. Legion of Boom731266526
8. Cards on Cards721829423
9. gcrl7127361124
10. Boneyard Braves63382039
11. WESTCOAST PIMP630837935
12. Gabe's Babe606839114

Congratulations to our first place finisher, The Dude who won the league this season. The Dude a.k.a. psad21 had to work for this one by making 119 total moves throughout the season to get his team to the top. He worked and paid attention all season, as did our second place finisher Dan from Grand Cards. Dan finished the season only making 21 moves and drafting a very solid team that carried him all 162 games. I wish I had done the same. ( I'm not saying they were the only ones paying attention, I just wasn't that good at it this season.) The league was back and forth all season and there were many roster moves and lead changes this season. Overall, I think everyone had a good time with it.

As usual for me I ended up drafting half a good team, forgot to set my line-up half the time, and donated $20. I'm used to it, but I have fun during the season. OK, see you all next year.

Ohhh... right prize money.... I guess you guys want your boxes of cards. LOL, I kid! I believe the last vote taken was for $175 for First Place and $65 for second. Let me know what boxes you guys want in an e-mail and we can take care of getting those sent to you this week. Just remember me when you are looking at those cool Pujols or Cano inserts.... =)

Next season I plan on running the league again, however there will only be weekly rosters to set and a limited number of add/drops per week. I feel like that will level the playing field for the people who couldn't keep up, or were not able to set a daily line-up.

The countdown to spring training will begin after the last World Series game =)


  1. Thanks for running the league! That was the most I've ever had to pay attention to a fantasy baseball season...especially the last week! It was a lot of fun though!

    I'll shoot you an email sometime today with my request.

    Thanks again!

  2. wow, that a final day. Almost like the Tigers collapsing. :)

  3. Yes, thank you for running the league this year. I would be thrilled to join again next year.

    I agree with your suggestion to modify the add / drop process, at least, for next year. I am more of a fan of head-to-head scoring, rather than cumulative rotisserie style. However, this certainly was the closest finish I've ever seen with a cumulative score. Most of the time it seems that the leader is a clear runaway by July.

    Another benefit of head-to-head is setting up and seeding Fantasy playoffs for the last couple weeks of the season or so, based on head-to-head won-loss records, even separated by divisions. Lots of fun.

  4. Thanks for setting up the league! It was a lot of fun, even though I only finished fifth. I'd love to play again next year. I'll go on record opposed to the weekly rosters though. For me, it's much more fun to adjust rosters every day -- if it's only weekly, I'd be more likely to forget about it. When it's every day, I make it part of my routine. And with weekly rosters, the pitchers on your bench wouldn't be able to help you much.

  5. I so want to be a part of this next year....and just say no to the weekly lock.....it is horrible.....

  6. I had fun, however my excitement died off in mid-August when I was down by 1000+ points. It's too difficult for me to keep up, especially when the leaders drop/add pitchers on daily basis.

    I'd be much happier with a league that caps transactions and innings pitched per week.