September 20, 2009

Sunday Question: What did you get from Goodwin?

I want to see your Goodwin goodies. Throw up some links in the posts.

I need a fix and since I can't buy anything for some time, I need you all to help.



  1. I still have to do a proper post for box #2, since there was more in there than just the 1 hit that was featured.

    Here are some links to my first box break:

  2. Here is my 2 box break:

  3. I only purchased a single pack, but it's up on my blog now if you want to check it out...

  4. I bought four packs so far. After watching some box break videos, it seemed that Upper Deck puts both relic packs within the last two packs on either side of a box. So I bought those four from a new box and pulled a OJ Mayo jersey card and a Landmarks redemption card!