September 7, 2009

Sunday Question: Create your own player

Ok, I know it's Monday. But the holiday had me all messed up this weekend. So, here's the holiday question:

Create your ultimate baseball player. Take different attributes such as speed, base running, hitting, hitting for power, eye, intangibles, build, hands, feet ... anything, and create your ultimate player.

The main rule is you can only use active players. You can't use Babe Ruth's power and lustful appetite.

I'll be back later with my own player. For now, it's back to watching Cincinnati beat the crap out of Rutgers.


  1. Assuming I can use player's primes, give me...

    Manny Ramirez with Jason Varitek's dedication, Jacoby Ellsbury's speed, Coco Crisp's defense, and Kevin Youkilis's durability. Since the ultimate player would go both ways, give me Pedro Martinez's pitching with Josh Bard's fastball, and Tim Wakefield's durability (as well as his knuckler).

  2. OK my turn...

    Albert Pujols build and power, Ellsbury's speed, Teixeira's (though Pujols is pretty good defensively) defense, Jeter's dedication (though Pujols is also the ultimate team player from what I have learned on the MLB package). My player wouldn't go both ways, he just likes women. ;) just kidding, Section 36.

  3. Using only active players, huh?

    Let's go for a general fielder.

    Hitting: Ichiro
    Base Running: Carl Crawford
    Speed: Nook Logan
    Glove: Jason Bay
    Knowledge of the game: A.J. Pierzynski
    Power: Albert Pujols
    Defense: Joe Crede (with healthy back)
    Arm: Shane Victorino

  4. good call, for a throwing arm I would go with possibly Markakis. He has a cannon.

  5. Umm, have Jeter in there. Of course your player goes both ways. :)