September 30, 2009

Adam Lind and his breakout

(Short print 2009 Goodwin Adam Lind, courtesy of VOTC)

Well it seems as though I did something right in collecting a younger player with no experience and just hoping he did something big. Now, he's done so much that his cards have gone up 10 fold on eBay. He is 5th in homeruns in the American League, and he is currently ranked 11th in batting with a .307 BA, 35 HRs, and 114 RBI. He's 4th in the AL in slugging and 5th in OPS.

Am I happy? Sure, you bet I am. Makes me happy to see him succeed and makes it more fun to follow him, especially when he hits 3 homeruns at Fenway. Now I love him that much more. I have taken a break from buying things on eBay for a while now, with the exception being the Goodwin box, and this card.

I really hope that he can continue to hit like this next season and beyond because then that would make me happy. Who knows, when Matsui finally can't walk maybe the Yankees sign him as a DH.....

P.S. Lind did not play today due to a sore elbow, thanks to Jonathan Papelbitch for hitting him last night. Just another reason to hate that idiot and the face he makes looking in for the sign.


  1. How dare you say Lind go to the Yankees! I hope my fav stays with the Jays. LOL!

  2. I gotta get one of those Goodwin Lind cards! So nice. Lind is pretty much the man - so happy that Halladay exacted some revenge last night.