August 9, 2009

Yankee Game

OK, the game was freakin' awesome! I bought a scorecard/program because I was hopeful of ending my streak of them losing when I keep score. Don't know why I decided to tempt fate today, but I did. Sooz would say that I don't have that much power, and she's probably right but just the same it's a coincidence that they lose everytime I had kept score in the past. During the 4th inning I was totalling up and noticed Boston didn't have a hit yet and was like oh that's interesting. Then in the 5th I heard someone a few rows back go, "Oh hey, C.C. has a no hitter so far," and then the whole section grumbled and most called him an asshole for opening his mouth. Whatever, it's not like anyone on tv or the radio hadn't said it.

Now, at the point where he was into the 6th and the hit hadn't happened yet I was thinking what a cool scorecard to have done if it does happen. Then it "unhappened" and they got a hit. C.C. got a much deserved standing ovation from the crowd and kept going. He threw 123 pitches total and was still throwing 94 mph when he left the game to another standing ovation. C.C. tipped his cap to the crowd, and Hughes finished the inning.

My seats were absolutely incredible, the view was awesome and the players were so close it was insane. Then again after sitting in right field all the time I guess anything would be closer. The crowd in this area however, not so much fun. This was a $375 per seat section, and most people were not rowdy and cheering like I'm used to. The fans made the atmosphere a snoozefest, and you would be surprised how many people don't even get up when the Yankees score. I loved the seats, for once I had a back to my seat and if that weren't enough of a luxury the seat was more padded than the chair I sit in at my computer typing this.

As great as the seats were, I wouldn't trade my bleacher seat for one of these. I like sitting where I know everyone and where the people around me give a you know what about the game, and know the teams- not just the Yankees or Jeter. I took some pics, one of which includes a fairly terrible one of me. Tomorrow we have seats even closer than today inside the "moat". I'm hoping to get there early enough to attempt to snag an autograph though I'm sure that plenty of other people will have the same intentions. They are calling for rain on and off tomorrow so if there is any rain there probably won't be any outdoor B.P. so I'll end up out of luck.

I may bring my actual camera tomorrow because I noticed the crackberry camera comes across kind of grainy when the pictures are bigger. I really don't want to carry my camera so the odds are kind of slim that I follow through on that one.

P.S. I kept a complete score card that had no mystery outs... and they won. I'm rather proud.

P.P.S. The second to last picture was an accidental picture of Jeter's butt. I was going to delete it but well, someone around here might like it... (He bent over as I was snapping a pic of just his back towards me.)


  1. Lets go Yankees! Glad someone is with me! Looks like you had a good time at the game 5 1/2 up, feels good. I watched that game yesterday and CC pitched a great game. As for the butt shot, ..... no comment

  2. Glad to hear you kept score for the whole game. Looks like this may become a new habit for you. Although, I have to disapprove of buying a scorecard. :)

  3. Ron, before I left I looked all over to see if I had a spare scorecard, one of yours in particular. Then I decided using one of the enemy scorecard might not be in my best interest if I had found one... LOL. I would have used it anyway if I did find one.

  4. Great photos! Thanks for posting and sharing them. Yankees were looking good over the weekend - not so happy with the loss to the Jays.

  5. Well, sounds like I need to e-mail you a new copy. Can't have you not have one for your next game.

    Don't worry. The way th Sox were playing, not even a scorecard would have helped.