August 8, 2009

What my blog was going to be about...

I had planned on writing about some cards I picked up in the last two days, however I ended up watching the Yankees v. Red Sox game which lasted 15 innings ending with the Yankees winning 2-0 on an "A-Bomb from A-Rod". Yes, I watched all 15. Sooz actually went to the game tonight, and yes she stayed all 15 innings. So needless to say you clearly won't be getting a baseball card blog out of me tonight, or Sooz for that matter.

The game was crazy, great pitching match-up with Burnett and Beckett though a scoreless game would generally mean around 2 hours for 9 innings but this is the Yankees and Red Sox and nothing is ever average or normal for that matter. This was a great game, and more importantly the Yankees depleted their bullpen which is already on the short side. Hopefully Papelbon isn't available later today for the game if they needed him. Luckily for us Hughes only pitched to one batter, and Aceves ate up 3 innings by himself. So we should have Hughes if need be.

This was a huge win for the Yankees creating a bigger gap in the standings and giving them a nice boost and the momentum going into tomorrows (later todays) game. I'm glad A-Rod has ended an 0 for 70+ AB's without a homerun and hopefully that gets him going again for the rest of this series.

I will be at the game tomorrow (later today) in field level seats which is cool, and I'll also be at Sundays game sitting in the moat. I plan on taking some pictures from both seats because I probably won't bother venturing outside the bleachers after this.

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  1. I was glad to see the Yankees beat Boston again. I'd love to see a sweep! Unfortunately the Rays couldn't take advantage, losing to Seattle in extras.