August 27, 2009

We're still here...

Sorry if we have been a bit boring around here lately. Sooz will be busy at work until oh, April or so and I have been running around transferring schools and things like that. I went and bought books for school yesterday, as well as a bag to hold my books and laptop which should weigh roughly 80 pounds so I'm super excited to lug that around, really.

I was twittering earlier that I was busy cleaning up trying to de-clutter and throw out crap that I don't need or haven't looked at in months (years). I had also mentioned that I could write a random blog about it, and there was a huge overwhelming response for me to do so. By huge overwhelming response, I mean a whole 3 people. I must give the people what they want even if it is only 3, and one of those 3 was Sooz.

I have discovered an assortment of stupid things that I like to save, and some of which I may still keep which defeats the purpose of this mission in the first place. The first was a re-discovery since the first time I had this idea a year ago I found this, but it makes me laugh and I just can't get rid of it. It's a bottle of Boones Summer Peach from when I used to work at the A&P circa 1997 as the receipt taped to it for proof of purchase states. Not sure how I purchased it at 17, however I am pretty sure one of my friends rang me up. I know good wine tastes better with age, but this should be like rubbing alcohol by now. I'd pay to see someone take a swig of this.

Some other things I have discovered are boarding passes from vacations, window stickers from old cars, brochures that I saved from old cars I had, magazines that were purchased simply for one article on the Camaro providing it was the picture on the front, Christmas ornaments still in the box, snowglobes given away on Black Friday at JC Penney, a pack of gum from some schmuck, matchbooks from places I don't remember being in, a book of hall passes stolen in high school, and the list goes on.

I'm sure most of you are laughing whether it is at me or with me is another story. I can bet someone out there has one or more of these items laying around somewhere but I am betting it's not the Boones.

I sent out a couple of surprise bubble mailers, and may send out some more. While I love baseball cards, I love when they are with someone who really appreciates them. There is a huge stack of (2nd place) Red Sox cards sitting on my desk that will end up getting mailed out or burned for warmth on this 68 degree night.

Anyone cleaning out there? If you find a Pujols '09 Ginter, de-clutter your collection and send it to me =)

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  1. Ship south to a (^soon to be 1st again) Sox fan before burning.

    ^Hoplessly Optimistic