August 19, 2009

Living in luxury

Even if it were just for a short while, I got to experience the life of celebrities over the weekend the Sox played the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Check out my latest article on Upper Deck's blog. There are some sweet pictures in there that were not seen on here before (at least I don't remember posting them, and I am too lazy to check).

Here is a short excerpt sure to annoy Boston fans everywhere:

Life as a Yankee fan doesn’t get much better than it has been lately. The Bronx Bombers are one of the hottest teams in baseball right now sitting at 30 games over .500, and have a seven game lead over the Red Sox in the A.L. East. Life was even better for me this past weekend as I got to see the Yankees bury the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium...


  1. What a great opportunity! (Both seats and opportunity to blog for UD.)

    Should I mentally replace "Boston" with "all" in your excerpt intro? I thought ESPN had drummed it into our heads that all MLB teams were deadly rivals with the Yankees now. :-/

  2. Marie!!

    Brett Anderson V.S Chad Gaudin.

    You know I am an A's fan.

    I predict a shutout.

    A's 1
    N.Y 0


  3. that batting practice photo was funny! A hole cut out of the foot-traffic protection tarp behind the cage so God can see the Yankees "NY" logo.

    Can't the Yankees quit being stuck up enough for an hour and a half for BP each home game so the logo doesn't have to be visible?

  4. Those are great seats, but I'll still take a couple of bleacher seats any day. It doesn't get any better than setting next to a bunch of drunk and riled up Yankee fanatics who get kicked out of the stadium regularly.