August 12, 2009

I need to make time for baseball cards

Sometimes life just gets in the way of the hobby. You have to work and deal with family. I’ve neglected many things recently concerning the hobby because of so many outside factors.

I need to make time for baseball cards. This doesn’t mean going out and buying cards or organizing (because that is NEVER fun).

However, I feel a bubble mailer withdrawal coming on. There is one sitting on my living room table from Marie. We hadn’t planned to see each other this week, so she sent me some cards. I’m not opening it for some time.

I need to hold on to it until I am about to crack.

I do spend a little money on cards recently. In light of the news Upper Deck didn’t get the MLB license, I went out and bought what could be my last pack of Upper Deck with the MLB license.

I came across a pack of 2008 Sweet Spot, and while not as fun as its 2007 counterpart, I splurged anyway. It was the blaster version of Sweet Spot- $20 for a pack with a guaranteed game-used card or auto.

I won’t tell you what I got, but I didn’t wait to get to open it.

Sooz will post more. I promise.

Maybe someone wants to call her boss and try to get her some time off. ;)


  1. Sooz
    You liked 07 Sweet Spot? I have yet to pull any unfaded auto's.


  2. I've been lucky. The last couple I busted were either a bat or glove card. No worries about fading.

  3. Time is one of my big issues right now. I have so many "projects" going on at work it is dominating my time, thoughts and energy.

    I do plan on spending some time sorting some cards this weekend. Hopefully nothing gets in the way of that plan.