August 29, 2009

etopps Cashing in....

I received this e-mail earlier and was kind of annoyed.

eTopps is proud to honor the late and great Ted Kennedy in a special Allen & Ginter tribute card.
This card will be available next Monday August 31st at 4EST along with UFC offerings.

Not sure if they are doing this as an actual tribute or trying to strike while the iron is hot so to speak. This is a crappy way to try and make a buck. Give this family and the people he served a chance to grieve, then come up with a "tribute".


  1. Yeah, they came up with the card pretty quickly, but something tells me that they've been sitting on this card just waiting for him to die since about October of last year, AND the photo they use is probably from five years ago when he played with the Tigers. *wink wink, Mario*

    (Word Verification = berou. Isn't that Luke Skywalker's blue-milk havin' aunt?)

  2. if it's truly a tribute, then it will be free to all.
    if it's them greasy bastards trying to make a quick buck on his death before the body is even cold, then they will be selling it.

  3. I wonder if it will have the stats from his car crash where he killed Mary Jo. I wonder if it will have his stats from Harvard when he was expelled twice for cheating (yes twice). I wonder if it will have his illustrious military record on the back where it shows a man with his education couldn't get past private before his enlistment ran out in two years. What a joke. Take Ted Kennedy and shove it Topps...he was as great as the scotch he drank.

  4. It's up. For $7.50, you can have a picture of Teddy Pol-game using his mental powers to levitate a baseball.