August 3, 2009

Coming down the stretch

I know we haven't updated our blog fantasy league in some time so I will start the blog off with the current standings up to today.

The Dude - 5836
Grand Cards - 5760
Purple Donkey - 5490
Carolina Xfractors - 5220
Legion of Boom - 5212
Victorious Secret - 5131
The Franchise - 5047
Cards on Cards - 5029
gcrl - 4636
Boneyard Braves - 4113
Gabe's Babe - 4043

My team (The Franchise) was doing very well for a short period of time and was in the top 5, and now since my pitching isn't that great (and I forgot to set my line-up a few times) I think I'm pretty much done.

So what does everyone think of the division races right now? The two hottest teams in baseball have definitely been the Phillies and Yankees (if you can't forget the weekend series the Yankees just played). Lee is going to be a great addition to the Phillies rotation, and from what my inside source (Sooz) tells me, they didn't give up all that much to land Lee.

Any predictions of the playoffs from anyone? I think the A.L. East is going to be a tight race this year, and after last year I won't be complaining. I see the Phillies and Dodgers in the N.L. so far, and the A.L. I don't have any solid prediction though I will go with the Yankees taking first and Boston getting the wild card. I know many people dislike Torre now, but I really want to see them to well again and they seem to be a lock for making hte playoffs. Yankees/Dodgers World Series would be awesome and very old school.

Let me know what you think, entertain me. I'll be back in bed feeling sick and maybe opening some packs...


  1. I have the feeling that it going to be the Dodgers VS Giants in the NLCS

  2. Well, my family is putting several theories to test. We've seen the Yankees at home as a group, so that (in the past) means they have the highest chance of winning the whole thing. But, I've seen the Cubs and my wife and I have seen the Rangers. What am I talking about? So far, any team that the whole family has gone to see either has won the world series that season or happened have been the champs the season before. If the Yanks win it all, we're going to start bids for teams to have us come to their home games... :-)

  3. I think the Cubs will double choke, falling out of the top spot and the wild card. They won't be able to hold off the Cardinals.

    I'd really like the Giants to make the wild card, but they can't seem to win regularly outside of Phone Booth Park. I think Colorado will take the NL Wild Card.

  4. I think you may have flipped the two teams from the AL east. Otherwise, I can't make a real good feel anywhere...other than Manny taking the Dodgers on their way.

  5. The Rays will come from behind and pass either the Yankees, the Red Sox, or both ... just wait and see. At any rate, I like their chances better than my Carolina Xfractors reaching first place in our fantasy league. Only first and second place teams win a prize, right?