July 5, 2009

O-Pee-Chee Target Coupon

Just a little info to pass along that might prove helpful to everyone. I had some Target coupons for $2 off an O-Pee-Chee blaster here (you get them in EVERY retail pack at Target), so I brought them with me to Target today when I went to the mall. I knew that they had a boatload of blasters last night and was merely going back to see if the one I hid was still there. Yes, I am crazy enough to think they would all be sold by today.

Anyway, it was there and I had my coupons. When I handed her all of them I went to take some back because I realized I couldn't use them all, but she was in a rush and already scanned more than one so I shut my pie-hole promptly and just went with it. I handed them to the cashier who never read them and just scanned ALL of them. They say limit one per item or transaction, however the first one scanned as an MLB -$2 coupon right under the blaster, the others at the bottom as Target coupons.

So if you have a couple of those coupons and don't see yourself buying 5 more blasters or whatever, give handing an unsuspecting cashier a handful a try. You never know.

I'm all about saving money, and it's not my job to read and/or accept those. My hope is another $2.99 blaster comes around this year like last years Stadium Club. What a joy that was discovering.


  1. cool. It'll only cost about $1200 in gas to get to the nearest Target. But when I do, I'll try it.

  2. I actually thought of doing this while I was staring at my 5 OPC coupons. Then I thought, "naw, the cashier will never go for that."

    I've got to start underestimating people.

  3. I tried to do this, but my locals targets computers caught it :(.

    Really sad moment for me when I noticed I had to pay full price or walk out.