July 9, 2009

I've added two new players to my collection

I already collect three guys (one more than the others), but I've decided to throw two more names into my collection hat.

I only collect guys when I feel something resonate with them. With Derek Jeter, he was part of my youth. I watched help being the Yankees their first World Series championship in 18 years. It was the first of my lifetime. There isn't a single Yankees fan out there who can say they don't like guy. In fact, there are many Yankees fans who like the team solely because of him.

I started collecting Kevin Kouzmanoff based on his heritage. He's comes from Macedonian descent and there aren't many people from that background playing in Major League Baseball.

Gabe Kapler is just hot.

The two guys to my life are Jesus Montero and Francisco Cervelli. They are both catchers in the Yankees system and I adore them both.

I was fortunate enough to interview Montero last week. He won me over despite me thinking he said "Minnesota" and not "Venezuela" when I asked where he was from. Montero told me the greatest day he ever had was getting to play at Yankee Stadium last year with his family in attendance. He always told his dad growing up (the kid is just 19) he would see him playing on TV one day. He got one better and saw him live in one of the most historic sports complexes.

So he wins a place in my collection.

When it comes to Cervelli, I just enjoy the way he plays. He was sent to triple-A on Wednesday to make room for Jose Molina, who came off the DL after a two months. Cervelli did well replacing Molina and Posada, for a time. I truly enjoy his game

We all know where this goes. If anyone has any Montero or Cervelli cards and are looking for a trade. Hit me up at yanxchick at gmail.

Yours truly,

P.S. I also love catchers.


  1. Just for fun... who is the ugliest player you guys collect? ;)

    I am gonna send you a box full of Willie McGee and Julian Tavarez cards.

  2. They had to be ugly?! Lol

    Eh, I actually don't find Kouz that attractive.

  3. Sooz,
    Do you think Cervelli will be Jorge's heir apparent? I also like the way the kid calls a game, seems very calm behind the plate.

  4. Unless they trade for Mauer :)

    He's better defensively than Montero. It would seem he has a better shot than him right now. But I like them both.

    Yankees are weird. You can't predict which guys in the system make it to the big club because of free agency.

  5. Mario, one of my favorite players of all time is Wade Boggs despite his team heritage. He is NOT even remotely attractive.

    I also think that Cervelli will get a shot before Montero just based on his ability to work with the big time pitchers and be confident in his own abilities behind the plate. He doesn't look timid, and he gets fired up which brings a good element to the team.

  6. Nothing wrong with collecting cards of those you find attractive.

    I might just be trying to justify the Michelle Lombardo SI Swimsuit auto and bikini swatch cards I have. >.> <.< >.>