July 23, 2009

Imagine if ...

What would happen if one of your favorite players was traded to the team you hated? I never really had to think about this because the Yankees and Red Sox don't trade with each other.

Sure, in the days of free agency, this type of thing happens often, but not to me. The only player with the Red Sox that I liked was Gabe Kapler. But he's more eye candy than anything else.

While reading last-minute emails and messages before bed, I came across a post on a blog that mentioned Kevin Kouzmanoff and the Red Sox in the same sentence. It didn't say Kouz should get traded to the Sox, but it made me wonder.

What happened if the hat Kouz wore turned to this:

Mike Lowell isn't have a good year, and Kouz could certainly do better. The old 'change of scenery' trade might just shatter my Kouz card collection.

I like being prepared for the worst. So for those out there who have had to deal with their favorite player changing allegiances, what have you done with your collection?

(If I was good at photoshop, I might have actually tried to see what Kouz would look like in a Red Sox uniform, but then I would be afraid my eyes would bleed.)


  1. Unlike some, I DO grasp that this is a business. However, it was kind of awkward when Johnny Damon singed with NY and I'm still not totally sure how I feel. I get more angry when he makes a bone-head play than anyone else. Same was true with Wade Boggs, and it was especially bizarre when he was the one riding around the stadium on horseback after the Series win. It was also strange to see David Cone pitch for the Sox, even though he wasn't a Yanks lifer.

    So while I understand why it happens, it's very strange.

  2. It definitely seems more Sox have gone to the Yankees than the other way around.

    Even though I like the Yankees, there are only a handful of players that I like. For the most part, I root for the uni.

  3. well, kouz is safe. The Sox have Youk at 3rd now. (I always get those two guys mixed up with each other)

    and now I have two favourites on the Sox. Almost as bad as pinstripes.

  4. First, I can't believe you put a Sox hat on this blog.

    Second, I would root for Albert no matter where he played though it would be hard to root for him as a Red Sox player, I think I still would. Kinda like disliking Matsui, but I will cheer for him to do well (most times).

  5. tis the season for the yankees and the red sox to tear apart the non-contending teams. it is a little known fact, but i am a big pirates fan-last year grabbing jason bay and xavier nady-so far this year hinske and laroche and i am sure many more will follow. i do not wanna zack duke in pinstripes!
    i wouldn't wanna see kouz in a red sox jersey either, but it would probably be his best chance at getting himself a ring. can't really blame the players, but ya can blame the teams!

  6. I remember when the Marlins traded Miggy and D-train to the Tigers for some guys named Miller and Maybin.... It just broke my heart i knew one of them was going to get traded, but damn both at the same time??? Ouch, but i still cheer them on and collect there cards! And will always have a fan in me.

  7. I haven't really gotten upset at favorite players leaving for other environs. Doesn't mean that I like it, but as an A's fan, I've become accustomed to the minor-league-within-the-major-leagues process of KC trading away players to Oakland, the players become big contributors, and then they are put out on a conveyor to richer teams.

    The closest thing I've felt that way was when Griffey left Seattle. It's not like I hate the Reds, because that's like hating the Mild Salsa packets at Taco Bell. Just not worth the energy. They might as well have traded him to Bulgaria; the mild disappointment would have been the same.

  8. I've never really had a favorite player leave the Phils until this year. Growing up my favorite players were Dykstra and Daulton. Dykstra retired a Phillie and the Phillies traded Daulton to the Marlins in 97 so he could win a ring. He retired after 97, so he was only ever on another team for two months or so. After them, Rico Brogna bounced around a little bit after leaving the Phils, but he also retired pretty soon after.

    Burrell's a special case, because he didn't want to leave, the Phillies pretty much pushed him out the door. I still collect in earnest, even if it is weird to see him in a Rays uniform.

    The only good Phillie to become a Met recently was Wagner, but he was always a tool so it was kind of hard to like him. Pat Burrell hates him and so do I.