July 5, 2009

I need a bit of a favor...

I guess this is directed towards the good people of St. Louis, and the good people attending this years All-Star Game Fanfest. I was wondering if someone out there would want to pick me up a Pujols Fanfest card, and/or whatever cheap (under $5 card) that is exclusive to the All-Star game.

At the Fanfest here last summer in order to get some of the cards you had to turn in a wrapper or two to be able to pick an exclusive card. I'd be willing to buy 2 of the cheapest packs (last year they had Opening Day and First Edition, in order to get the Pujols and you can keep the cards from the packs. However, that may not be the case this year but it could be how they do it from year to year. Or, if you want to trade for something for the card/cards that is cool, too.

If anyone is going and would like to e-mail me and help me out that would be awesome.

Just add this to the rest of my knucklehead ideas.

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