July 16, 2009

From Old School to New School

The other day (more like 4 days ago maybe), I got a bubble mailer from John at Old School Breaks. I was quite surprised by it since I don't remember speaking to him about anything, and we all know how much I love surprises. He sent me a whole heap of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, along with a 2006 Bowman Heritage Cano GU Bat card and 2007 Pujols Co-Signers that I didn't have. Super awesome and very much appreciated.

I will see what I can put together for John in the upcoming week. As far as other mail goes, I haven't been to my mailbox in days as usual. I will be sending out cards I owe people tomorrow and Friday, I promise.

I just can't wait until August 6th when I am done with these classes and can catch a break. I already warned Sooz that when I'm done I'll be on her doorstep.

My desk is an absolute nightmare of piles of unlogged cards, outgoing cards, doubles, and whatever else. Just looking at it right now is making my headache worse. I hope to accomplish some card related things this weekend, as well as lining up some blogs, and perhaps a contest of some sort to keep you all interested and entertained. I also discovered an unopened blaster of Goudey I forgot about, can't believe it myself really but now there is fun for later and it feels like it was free since I have no idea where it came from.

Now go check out Old School Breaks A&G Gint-A-Cuffs blogs.

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  1. Hey Marie...Glad you enjoyed the lot. I'll take cookies in return lol. Regarding the comments you left me, I think I'll actually put the A&G set together (for the first time ever) so I'm going to hold them for now but if I get some dupes or minis of those guys, I'll let ya know.