July 7, 2009

2009 O-Pee-Chee Hobby Box Break

Over the weekend I broke my hobby box of 2009 O-Pee-Chee baseball, and I had a ton fo fun doing this one. For one there was 36 packs of "fun-ness" to open, and second I love these cards. This was my first hobby box this year, which defies all of my normal spend, spend, spend logic of years past. It was incredibly fun, and will probably lead to disaster on future purchases.

I decided to give a breakdown in an easy way for those of you keeping score at home.

36 packs per hobby box, 6 cards per pack

Zero doubles in the box

6 20th Anniversary cards

1 New York, NY card of Hideki Matsui (of course)

1 black mini

1 Triple Game used card

1 Blank back

1 blue Old Time looking card

91 base cards were needed

68 were doubles that I already had from the million other packs I opened.

336/600 is where I currently stand on completing this set.

Here are the rest of the inserts:

Here are some of the more fun cards, for me anyway.

Overall, I was very pleased with the contents of this box despite the fact that there was not a Jeter base card. I was equally mad that I didn't get Lind or Cano, however Baseball Dad (Tribe Cards) sent me a Cano, but still mad that after all the packs I have opened he has excaped my clutches. The best part of this box was that there were no base card doubles which happens very rarely, if ever, so props to the distribution.

I want to finish this set, and part of me wants to finish the black version of the set as well. Then the smarter part of me takes over and says, "Hey, remember you were supposed to be focusing on Yankee Stadium Legacy." Then I hear the gong, make the sad face, and stop thinking about it. Between Sooz, and Waxaholic I am going to trades some doubles and hopefully some of you guys have some doubles to trade as well.

I haven't put together a want list just yet, but if you have a couple you want to send just let me know the numbers because it may be a while before I post a want list since the other class I am taking started yesterday.


  1. I just put a bunch of them up for trade at my site. Send me an email of what you need and they will be on the way.

  2. you get a box with Chipper on the bottom, I get a box with Pujolies. Something is wrong here...

  3. EdS- Thanks a million, I will check it out later tonight or tomorrow and would be happy to send you any of my doubles you may need.

    Canuck, I will save the Chipper for you. I didn't cut them yet, the box is still intact, you can have all 4 if you want and cut it or not when you get it.

  4. Man, you are such a Twins tease!

    BTW, did the O-Pee-Chees I sent to you get there in good order?

  5. Woohoo, Morneau-Jo!!


    I'm so, soooo sorry for saying that. *hangs head in shame*

  6. I have a whole stack of YSLs with your name on them if that Zimmerman is up for trade.

  7. Crap forgot to switch to WordPress.

    PTBNL = patsearcher

  8. PTBNL the Zimemrman is all yours, just email me. =)

  9. i have a lind as well as a boatload of doubles from my boxes. the collation stunk for me. email me your addy and i'll send it over, unless you come up with a want list and then i'll include any other cards i have that you need.