July 14, 2009

2009 Homerun Derby

Congratulations to Prince Fielder for demolishing Prince Albert. Pujols looked so stressed last night trying to have a good time, it was almost painful to watch the guy. I'm almost kind of glad that he was eliminated somewhat early because that just didn't look fun to him. He also didn't use his normal swing while doing it so I'm not really sure what to think about that.

The reason for the blog is because I am wondering if anyone was as bored as Sooz and I were last night? We watched the Derby together and neither of us were all that into it. For me personally, it had nothing to do with Albert. I was pretty bored last year before Josh Hamilton, the God of last years Derby stepped up. Hamilton gave last years a heck of a thing to compare to, but that was really the only excitement we saw then as well.

Maybe it's becuase they changed the rules over the years, or maybe it's because we have seen the homerun record broken*, or seen guys hit over 70 homeruns in a season that this just isn't fun anymore. I remember watching this as a kid and was always excited for the Derby more so than the game because I loved watching Griffey Jr. smash 'em. The rules now I find ridiculous. Hamilton last year hits 28 in ONE round, and loses?! Come on. The guy hit more homeruns in one round than some players hit in a season, and he goes home with a pat on the back.

I don't want to sound cynical about the whole thing, but it's just odd to me to not really enjoy something that much when in years past I looked forward to this event and sat glued to my tv. I found out 5 minutes ago who won last night, that tells yous something.


  1. I hate to admit this but at least part of the problem is I am to old to make it to the end of the thing.

    I made it to the final round and fell asleep.

    Have the rules changed so significantly that the HR contest is less exciting??

    Having Nelson Cruz in your final just isn't a big seller either.

    would it be better with only 4 participants so the whole thing ran faster and had more star power? Maybe 5 outs instead of 10.

  2. It is soooooo slow. It was ridiculous, but they are taking pitches I guess to not throw off their whole game, or knowing they won't get the ball out. But sweet mother did it drag.

  3. My patience for a home run derby runs out after about a half-hour. I made it home in time to catch the end of the second round and the final, so it wasn't too bad.

    Apologies to the Texas fans, but who is Nelson Cruz and what is he doing in the home run contest?

    The derby needs to be shorter and have more stars to regain my interest.

  4. I am always bored by the home run derby.

    I try to watch it, but I'm always doing like five other things when it's on.

    The fact that Chris Berman is all over the thing not only makes it boring, but very annoying.

  5. I just can't believe how LOOOONG the damn derby lasted.

    Also, I feel bad for Inge, but I honestly thought my boy Mauer was going to be the one with 0 dingers. Yeah, he already has a personal career high season home run total, but Mauer is more about contact than power. There was no way he had a chance.

  6. It made me so tired, i'm having a hard time staying awake right now

  7. I had ZERO desire to watch it. I'd rather watch a sacrifice bunt derby.

    What really sucks is flipping the tv over to the MLB network only to discover that they are showing a replay of the All-Star HR Derby from any previous year. Goodnight Irene!

  8. It took 3 hrs it was long but it was fun.Not alot hr were hit which was boring. check out my custom prince fielder all star card.

  9. The problem with the derby is that home runs aren't special during it. Once the first home run goes really far, the rest are just more home runs. It's fun to try and see the first ball into the third deck, or hit whe warehouse, or whatever. But, then it's nothing special. I was at the derby at Fenway when Big Mac went ape. Once the first three cleared everything over the monster, it became ho-hum. "yawn, ANOTHER ball just cleared the wall." It's like the slam dunk contest. Dunks and home runs are great because you never know when they're coming. Once that's all you see, it's not as special.