June 16, 2009

You would never believe this about Sammy Sosa

He tested positive for steroids.

I'm as shocked as you are.

Can we just release the whole damn list already?

I'm getting tired of a name here and there sneaking all depending on who as an agenda.

The whole list. Now.


  1. Did we really need this to confirm what we all already knew?

    I agree just release all the names because they are all going to come out eventually anyway. Besides then once we see the ENTIRE list we can stop being suspicious of the players that don't deserve to be constantly badgered of their PED history or lack thereof.

  2. They are complete fools by letting this drag out. Release the list and let us all move on and watch baseball.

  3. The 2003 testing was supposed to be confidential, so no, MLB should not release it.

    But the players who tested positive should come forward now so they can get in front of the bad publicity that will follow from the eventual leaks.

  4. Yawn. This is just confirming what everyone but Sammy Sosa had concluded already.

    The bigger mystery is how steroids effected his ability to speak English. When things were going great for Sammy, he could speak English fluently. When he was backed into a corner, he suddenly forgot.

    Maybe some scientist can find a link between steroids and the loss of language lessons.

  5. It was an anonymous test. There shouldn't be names being released. Whomever didn't do their job and destroy the list like they were supposed to do should be fired. MLBPA and MLB both dropped the ball on this one and they are throwing their players under the bus and allowing this steroid scandal to rear its head every time we think it is behind us. Confidential is supposed to mean that and if I were A-Rod and Sosa I would sue the MLBPA and MLB. Anyone want to release a name off that list should be met with swift and merciless legal action.

  6. Amen. Release the list.

    Which law is the good one to break:

    1) Taking illicitly acquired or fraudulently prescribed drugs (dare I say medicine?) for the sole purpose of cheating in a chosen profession in order to gain fame and millions of dollars?

    2) Bashing past a corrupt gag order of anonymity, in place only to protect those conducting law-breaking and fraudulent activity?

    Please. How is anonymity held to be exalted and sacred, when everything else around it is covered in crap?

    It's like saying, "We can't look at Al Capone's ledgers--that's private documentation!"