June 5, 2009

Weekend 6 pack

No, I am not going to show you beer even if you beg. My idea of a 6 pack is totally different, on two levels but we shall only showcase one here. My idea for the purpose of the blog are 4 packs of 2009 Topps Series 2 and 2 packs of 2009 Bowman for a total of 6 packs. Couple of interesting cards were found amongst the rubble that are base cards. (all packs are from Target)

Here are the goods from the retail 2009 Topps Series 2 packs (which will be the only packs I buy of this):

Nothing great, but I did need the Cano. Has anyone noticed how some of the Topps from Series 2 have the letters with no silver in them? Did they run out of foil and just didn't care to replace it, or was it intentional? Maybe I am a little behind on this topic but was this intentional? I haven't been doing much reading online this week due to classwork. If you wrote about it on your blog and I missed it, I'm sorry I suck.

2009 Bowman packs were fun, at least I had fun for the 3 minutes it took to rip them. Here is what came out of those:

Blue refractor out of a retail pack!! Zoinks!

I was at K-Mart this afternoon and for those of you that follow me on Twitter, you saw a few pictures of what they had to choose from. One of the packs they had were 2009 Topps Heritage 'jumbo' packs, if you will. These packs had 14 cards plus gum for $5.99. They also remained in the store after I left because that is more than I care to spend on something I don't really need anything out of. More on the K-Mart story later on...

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  1. I've been meaning to pick up some Serise 2 Topps myself. Haven't been anywhere though.

    Why is your K-mart so much... better than mine? Both K-marts in my area make me weep with utter despair over their lack of baseball cards.

    Last time I went, they had two blaster packs of upper deck X (I bought one) and a handful of retail packs from 2008. I’d say they had less then twenty retail packs all together. That was it.

    Oh, and I forgot. They also had some boxes mixed various cards from the 90's and 2007/8 It was mix of Topps and uper eck/etc. Only had about eight packs in them though.

    Target and Wal-mart thankfully have a much bigger selection. I just wish there was a baseball card shop within 50 plus miles of me. Hell, even a hundred would do.