June 13, 2009

Waxaholic mail day

Well, well, well... it seems as though dear old Captain Canuck from Waxaholic has come through in the clutch here. I received a bubble mailer from him the other day and while walking to my car I heard something moving in it. I was fairly certain it wasn't the cookies he had promised, and was also pretty sure it wasn't a piranha either. Then I thought I knew what it was and got a little anxious to open it.

I ripped open the bubble mailer and much to my delight it was a 2007 Jada Dubs brand Camaro, and it was open so I could wheel it around, which I will not say that I did (I did). I have never had one outside of it's package before and I must say I am now a much bigger fan of this brand of die-cast cars than I was before.

I always knew I would meet a guy who would buy me a Camaro.

Now, as if that weren't cool enough there were cards and packs! I am saving the pack breaks for another time, probably tonight. But I will show you all what I got since I am thrilled with the loot.

2009 Bowman Robinson Cano assortment

2009 Bowman Adam Lind goodness

2009 Bowman Prince Albert

2009 Topps Walmart Albert and Adam

2008 Starquest Albert, and 2008 Baseball Heroes Mauer, Ramirex, and Tulo

2009 Finest A-Rod, and 2001 UD A-Rod

2003 Bowman FY Robbie Cano (don't ya know)
And an assortment of vintage wax for my daily fix. 89 Topps, 91 OPC, and 90 Fleer.
And he said I was hard to shop for?! I think you did just fine there, sir. I sent Canuck some Braves (Boo!) cards and he felt the need to share the joy which is much appreciated. Now if only they made tiny, tiny little Albert figures to put in my Camaro that would be sweet. I should take a picture of Albert who is in my car and travels with me as my silent (the best) co-pilot.
Since me and Sooz were at this AWESOME game, and because we hate the Mets....

Now go visit Waxaholic, he is a nice guy no matter what anyone has to say.... =)

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  1. you're welcome... and although I prefer the '67 coupe, I got you a convertible.
    I hear the chicks dig those...