June 22, 2009

Update on Blog Fantasy Baseball League

It's been a while since we have posted an update. Grand Cards has been smacking us around. However, there is no guarantee he's going to win as first and second are fairly close.

Here are the standings:
1. Grand Cards 3890
2. The Dude 3777
3. Purple Donkey 3497
4. Legion of Boom 3398
5. Victorius Secret 3359
6. Carolina Xfractors 3356
7. The Franchise 3310
8. Cards on Cards 3261
9. gcrl 3019
10. Boneyard Braves 2885
11. Gabe's Babe 2659
12. Westcoast Pimp 2639


  1. The amazing thing is that Grand Cards has only made 4 transactions so far! That's some good drafting! Meanwhile, I've pretty much revamped my whole team many times over. I'm closing in though!

    The Dude

  2. Yeah, you have been on a tear while I have floundered a bit in recent weeks. There is no guarantee that I will win because there are still 2/3 of the season left and I was blessed with a hot start. I wouldn't be surprised to see the standings change a great deal as the season continues, including a fall from grace by yours truly. I'll try to make sure that doesn't happen though.

  3. I was actually looking at that when I typed up the standings. I was amazed he only had four moves.

    I need to pay more attention to my team. But, of course, any attention would more than its getting right now.

  4. It's been fun climbing out of the cellar. I should thank the league for denying the Lee/Cabrera for Pierre trade.

    Since then, my pitchers seem to have found the strike zone again, and I moved up from 11th to 5th over that time, as of yesterday. There was a huge point total to climb just to get to 8th.

    Grand Cards is certainly right--there's still plenty of the season to go that can change things up.

    Just goes to prove that there's always hope on the waiver wire, and I'm crossing fingers that my pitching staff doesn't go on strike again.

  5. My team has certainly taken a dive. I'm not really used to the scoring system (it's different than any other Yahoo league I've participated in) so I may need to make some adjustments. It'd be nice if my players started, like, not sucking as well.