June 2, 2009

The strange support group we have

I was talking to Peter (Flash) last week about eBay because I was bidding on cards and told him to cheer me on so I win for 99 cents. He then said this is a strange support group, and it really is. I know more than just a few people hunt on eBay for bargains of their favorite players and I am sure that most of you have a friend that you talk to about what you are looking for and you both hope that you win at a cheap price.

We all understand the value of cards (not based solely on a book...) and that we can't always get the hottest player and a good price so we wait, or we pick a random player when they are just coming up to collect to try and put together a variety of auto's and game used cards and hope for the best (Adam Lind).

Now when some of us don't have money to buy things or to send things we all seem to look out for each other in one way or another. I know myself that I haven't picked up any hobby boxes yet this year yet there have been plenty of nice friends from the blogs that have sent me cards that I wouldn't be able to pull in retail packs or blasters, and I have sent the retail versions. I have also been fortunate enough to make many friends that like to contribute to my habit by sending me trades and sometimes even sending me surprises (my favorite).

I talk fairly often with most of you guys via e-mail, g-mail chat, or twitter and we always seem to be talking to each other about helping someone pick up something. It may not sound very healthy but I really think it's awesome. I often sit at my computer with a minute or two left hitting F5 yelling to win a card for a dollar, and I have often been on the other side selling something on eBay hitting F5 screaming for the price to skyrocket. If anyone ever needs a cheerleader while they are waiting for the last few minutes, or an alarm (ahem Peter) let me know because I am usually sitting at my computer.

I do enjoy the conversations with everyone and more so the commentary we all entertain both on our blog and everyone else's. I may not comment that often on other blogs but I read them all the time.

I have a bunch of mail that I want to showcase for everyone, and more importantly I want to display the kindness of a few fellow bloggers who went above and beyond in sending me mail today. I will do my best to scan these items and write a proper blog tomorrow all about it. I have a quiz tomorrow in my class and I am so beat right now that I can only devote my energy to the books and not the scanner.

Ugh, and now Posada threw the ball over Jeter's head allowing the first error in 19 games to happen. Someone should tell Posada not to bother throwing the rest of the game. So now you know I will be screaming at the tv and learning about biology all at once.

(EDIT: If this seems a little incoherent, I am currently operating on new hours and I am not used to them. Neither is my brain.)


  1. I didn't know F5 refreshed... very cool!

    Anyway, love the site! Everything about this hobby is addicting, isn't it? I've walked away many times and always get sucked right back in. I swore off cards in the late 90s, and then relic cards became easier. I swore cards off again once rookie cards got out of hand, but now I'm back (again) with cheap wax and cheaper newer stuff that still looks good (Topps A&G is one of my favs!)

  2. See, we are always looking to enlighten. F5 is the best.

    Welcome back! A&G is cool, and if you like that you will probably love the Goodwin Champions coming in September, or even the Goudey cards (despite the complaints of crude drawings).

  3. you? incoherent? how will we ever notice the difference?

  4. Not incoherent at all. In fact, well said.

  5. Speaking of support group, I'd like to thank Marie for single-handedly boosting my Albert Pujols collection with each mailday she sends. They may be doubles to you, but they're a brave new world to me, and very much appreciated.

    And, despite living in Minneapolis, about ten minutes from where he plays ball, you got me my very first EVER Adrian Peterson card, which I'm very grateful for as well. A million thanks!

  6. No problem, Eric. We all look out for each other and that is what helps us make our collections grow. You have sent me plenty of YSL and Pujols in the past.

    Any future Pujols will be greatly rewarded with Pujols back to you. I have plenty of doubles for bait. =)

  7. My name's Paul and I'm a cardaholic.

    Group: "Hi Paul"