June 20, 2009

Sooz's O-Pee-Chee Dilemma

I really like this set, so much so that I want to finish it. I'm not a set collector. The only thing I ever go after are Derek Jeter and Kevin Kouzmanoff cards and will gladly give away anything that isn't that.

However, I bought an O-Pee-Chee blaster last night (with the cut out Jeter card) and want to finish it. So, I bought another one today. But there are a number of roads I can go down and I don't know which one to pick. OF the 600-card base set, I got 126 and about five doubles.

Before we get to the options, let's see the highlights of the blasters.

I like the Yankee Stadium, but of the stadium cards it's a little boring.

Sweet! I got a Kouzmanoff base card. Although, he looks kind of scary on it.

This is a Joba mini-black parallel.

This was the favorite card that I got. It was actually the only Jeter card. I didn't get a base of his in two blasters.

Two things stuck out about the set that I didn't care for. One was the checklist cards. I love the stadium checklist cards, but they aren't all like that. Some of them have the floating heads. I got a double of the Cardinals checklist and that just have a bunch of floating heads of Cards.

The other were the Moments card, specifically this Michael Young card, which I also got a double of. He looks bored and I don't see how this is a special moment from the '08 season. And why is it the '08 season?

I got the same card as the last card in both blasters. Probably one of my least favorite players.

So here is my dilemma.

1. Do I collect just the base cards?

2. Do I collect the master set? Marie isn't me collecting the master set because I pulled this card.

3. Do I just not even bother collecting the set and stick to getting the Jeters. I think there are 13 different Jeter cards in this set alone.

However, one thing I am considering doing is a little bit of a crazy project. I want to collect most of the base cards (excluding the checklist and team leaders cards) then send all of them out for TTM and see how many of them I get back. I am leaning toward this one because it's a little different, but we're talking about hundreds of dollars in postage.

So what do I do?


  1. I think everyone should agree with me and collect everything but Albert Pujols... =(

    In return I would be kind enough to build what I want out of the set, with no Jeter's...


  2. I like the TTM idea. It's different and it could jazz up a set like this.

  3. I knew you would say that, Chris.

  4. I have ulterior motives: I need someone to trade with.

  5. Go for the master set. I bought a couple of packs today and decided I wasn't into it. I'd be glad to send them to you if you need them...

  6. well, if my boxes ever get here... you'll have me to trade with. Plus, you need to collect something besides old jeter...

  7. Collect the Jeters and buy some cards to mail out.

  8. That Albert is beautiful...

    But I was just thinking, if someone went out and took a picture of the new Yankee Stadium, couldn't that same person have stuck around to take a picture of A.J. Burnett and C.C. Sabathia so that we don't have cards of C.C. in his Indians uniform?

    I know, I know I am asking too much.

  9. Send them out TTM! I am a TTM junkie and there is nothing better than getting back a SASE with a success inside.

  10. That Michael Young card is teh epic lulz for some reason.