June 1, 2009

S'more Goudey

I love the movie The Sandlot, which is why the title is 's'more'. If you have seen that movie and I know you all have, you know what I am talking about. The part when they are in the treehouse camping and one of the guys asks Smalls if he wants a s'more he says, "s'more of what? How can I have more of something when I haven't had anything?"

I was in Target again today and this one was stocked with more Goudey blasters, Topps Series 2, Bowman, and plenty of 2008 left overs. They also had tons of packs as well. I had just opened my last Goudey blaster from last week a day or two ago and haven't had the chance to write the post (read: haven't had the chance=too lazy).

I only put the highlight reel together for you. That's all most people care about anyway. I like to post these mini-breaks for the simple purpose of people knowing what you can actually get, or not get in the blasters. So here it is:

Morneau green border mini (which I believe will make it's way to someone who sent me a blue border 4-in 1 of the Yankees.
Holy schnikeys!! I actually needed this 4-in 1.

There you have it, another blaster bites the dust.

There are still some 4-in 1's that I am looking for with Pujols on it, please consult my want list if you happen to have some for trade because I would really like to finish at least the red, blue, and green. The black borders will be too hard to get and too much money for me to bother with.

Most of my family now will ask me to do things they have no interest in bothering with in trade for cardboard since they know I really don't care for much else, and they know if they offered some cash I'd only spend it on baseball cards. So if anyone needs a car wash, come on by it will only cost you $22.


  1. McCann Can TripleJune 01, 2009 11:08 PM

    I remember that scene and that movie. I loved it as well.

    I like that 4 in one Brave card.

    Kelly's picture is lacking though, compared to the other three anyhow.

    Chipper should also have a chin beard. ...The proper term for such has slipped my mind. He has had one for two plus years know though.

    Woo Boy is Frenchy hairy, which is odd compared to the Chipper image as he doesn't tend to sport the beard all that much.

    Look at me rambling on about nothing.

    .. Done.

    I still like that card though.

  2. Boy, that guy who sent you the Yankees blue 4-in-1 sure is a lucky guy.


  3. Very cool cards. I guess the one of Ankiel is before he ran into the wall.

  4. Nice! I need that all-Cardinals 4-in-1 card.