June 23, 2009

My O-Pee-Chee decision

There were so many options to choose from and the only one that didn't cost me money was not collecting the set. However, that wasn't a realistic option because I really wanted these cards.

I've decided that I am going to collect the base cards of the players and send them out for TTM autos. Sure, I won't be getting some (maybe lots) back, but the project just seems very interesting to me.

The good news is that I only need 500 cards, not 600. That bad news is that I need 500 cards.

My one venture into TTMs happens last summer where I sent about five cards to Yankees prospects. I got all but one back. I'll post updates as I send groups of cards out and what cards I get back and how long it took to get them back.

Anything, I don't send out by Aug. 15., I am going to wait until spring training to send out.

This could take a while.


  1. Excellent decision! It might take years but I think you will accomplish a good majority of this set. I am planning on doing something similar so perhaps we can trade.

    On a side note, what Yankee prospects did you send out to and which one didn't sign?

  2. I too will be collecting the O-Pee_Chee set and i gotta say that its going to be fun collecting!!! i'll sen d you me doubles :)

  3. That will be one sweet set once it's finished.

  4. before you go bonkers, wait til ST to send. Or follow a site called sportscollectors.com to see who signs. It'll limit your exposre to losses.

  5. Great project, good luck with it. Agree about limiting losses through sportscollectors.com, it's very helpful. Don't waste your valuable time on players with low return rates.

  6. I will be collected OPC as well and we might be able to help each other out. BTW I have a box bottom card you might like...

  7. I'm trying for the 08 Topps set. It's been fun so far. Good luck!


  8. Good luck with your project!

  9. Ok, I give. All my base are belong to you.
    E-mail me and we'll work out the details.