June 25, 2009

Updated: Michael Jackson bucked at 50

Celebrity deaths don't usually bother me. Other than watching in a movie or listening to music, they don't have a great presence in my life. I've never been caught up in the whole celebrity (other than collection pictures of baseball players on little cardboard).

But, TMZ is now reporting that Michael Jackson has died. CNN is saying he is in a coma.

He was rushed to the hospital in apparent cardiac arrest. It makes me sick. I don't know why. I was never a big Michael fan, but anytime I heard his music I thought to myself, "Damn, he was so good."

Just two nights ago I played "Beat It" on Guitar Hero and said to my boyfriend, "How can you not love this song?"

He had some serious issues in his life. There were harsh accusations and tough things he had to deal with that I will never understand.

And, yet, I still feel as though I lost something.

What a sad life. What a sad death (if that's the case).

And now, CNN is saying that the LA Times and CBS News are saying he is dead. So there it is.


  1. I think the weird feeling is people not knowing how they're supposed to feel about him. Clearly, he was a sick person. But you're never happy to hear someone's dead, and then it's strange feeling sad for someone who you don't think you're supposed to like... very strange.

  2. and little boys everywhere can relax...

  3. I don't believe he molested any kids, and there were reasons as to why he turned out so weird..

    When the Jackson 5 got started, he was the superstar, all at the age of 10.. And his father who ran the show was a very abusive, controlling prick.. So Michael basically had his childhood robbed, to work his ass off in the band, the way his father saw fit, enduring physical and mental abuse..

    So once Michael was a superstar all grown up, he probably hated the fact that he was basically forced to grow up at the age of 10.. And being the sensitive guy he was, he wanted to give other kids out there what he never had - a great childhood.. So that's basically why he build the Neverland Ranch, all oriented towards kids, so he could give kids that gift, and in the process try and relive a childhood that he never got to experience..