June 5, 2009

Mail from heaven

By heaven, I mean Wax Heaven of course. Yesterday amongst the massive mail was a nice package from Mario that included many Jeter cards for Sooz and a card that I had almost forgotten about looking for, the 2009 Turkey Red Albert Pujols card. That made me so happy, one because I forgot it existed because my brain is stuffed with biology and becuase it was a surprise. Mario also included a couple extra Albert's and a 2009 Bowman Cano card that I don't have yet. You're the best Mario!
I haven't updated my want list in about 2 weeks I would guess, and I have a pile of mail on my desk un-sorted and awaiting their chance to be logged in and put into their respective binders. I am going to attempt to do that this weekend so I have some room to breathe here, and so that this weeks mail doesn't cause an avalanche.
The weekend is here and you all know what that means.... eBay steals n' deals so keep your eyes peeled. I'm also sure this means a six pack of some sort. I'll be back later with a little interesting find at Target in a retail pack.

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