June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I wanted to wish all the Dad's out there a Happy Father's Day and ask how many of you were lucky enough to get some baseball cards from your children? The more important question here is how many of you have started collections for your young children, and gotten them interested in continuing their collections as they got older? I'm sure some of you have children too young to collect on their own, but there are others that probably have children old enough to decide what they like buying or collecting.

As a kid I was always taught about baseball, who played what position, and to root for the Yankees, of course. My dad took me to tons of games as a kid and even a Mets (boo) game or two in there, and we saw a Marlins game way back when they played at Joe Robbie Stadium. For Christmas my parents got me a complete set of Topps every year for a while, until I told them that it was boring not being able to open them and look at them. They wised up and started letting me get packs of cards here and there during the year, for report card rewards, being good for mommy in the store (I still use that one to this day), and then other family members got into spoiling the kids with cards. There was nothing like a pack of cards and rock solid gum peeled off the last card to chew on the way home.

If (big if here) I have children, they will definitely be collecting cards up until they tell me they hate it (which they won't), but if they do... more for me! I think it is very important today to give kids a positive hobby, and something that will bring them a little fun for a low price (relative to products purchased). Whenever I see little cousins or my friends nephews I always give them baseball cards. I'm the crazy adopted aunt that gives kids weird things. One of my friends nephews are Mets fans, so I happily put a few cards in a team bag and bring them when I see them. I brought Frankie, Sooz's nephew a bunch of Jeter's and Yankees for his birthday- we are trying very hard to make him like collecting and baseball.

If anyone wants to share a story, feel free. I will be going out to dinner with the family, and hopefully the restaurant has a tv to watch the Yankee game. I hope you all have a great day with your families.


  1. I don't have kids yet, but I have a nephew who likes baseball cards. Perhaps I should start sending him packs every so often.

    Packs of baseball cards are great for rewards. My dad did that with me back in the day.

  2. Kids are great and as soon as you have one you will shortly want another one.... Thank you for the warm wishes....

  3. Yes - Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. One of the great days of the year :)

  4. Each of my kids (three) got me a pack of O-Pee-Chee today.

    There are three of us that collect cards in the family. Both my four, soon to be five year old collect Red Sox and my ten year old collects White Sox. (he feel a little far from the tree)(it isn't the Yankees though so it isn't like he fell from the tree, rolled down a mountain, across a freeway, onto a bridge, off the bridge onto an ocean going liner, across the ocean where some foreign man threw him in the trash can)

  5. My dad always sold everything he got. Granted, it was older stuff and he is in the antiques/collectibles business. I don't have kids, but if I had one - boy or girl - I would get them into something cardboard related.

  6. No cards from the kids today, but we did go to a NJ Jackals game.

    Free hats and my three kids all played Topps Attax at the ballpark.
    Topps set up a booth and if you beat their reps, you got a free pack of Topps Attax.

    I have sets put away for my oldest son (Topps), my daughter gets proof coin sets (I didn't think she would be into baseball). My youngest gets Upper Deck sets. I hope both companies remain in business so I can continue the tradition.

    Paulb from NJ, as opposed to the Paul who posted previously

  7. Glad that everyone had a great day, even if you didn't get baseball cards. AdamE, your son is a smart kid. =)

  8. Not a dad, but a daughter of a dad who 'collected' when the mood struck. I still have an uncut sheet of 89 Topps (132 cards) that he actually left me in his will. My son, who is 8, collects. And yes, packs make great rewards for chores done, good behavior and good report cards. I also like to pass them out to his baseball team just for a random surprise. My son opted to give his dad KISS (the band) cards instead of baseball this year. So, belated Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. I sure did miss mine yesterday.

  9. Julie,

    Thanks for sharing. Baesball cards have a way of bringing out certain memories.

    Mine usually stem from out much money I spent. :)

    Hope you had a great weekend with your family.