June 3, 2009

The coolest envelope ever

Yesterday I went to the post office and was supposedly mailing things (which were home on my scanner and went out today- VOTC & topher) when I discovered the "yellow card" in my P.O. box. I love yellow cards because as you might know, that is what you get when something is too large for the box (insert jokes here). The mailman hands me two packages, one from The Mojo Hand and one from Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. Matt from HBC is a frequent trading partner of mine and a great guy, and Jay from the Mojo Hand will definitely be on my list of great trading partners (though for now he gets an IOU 'til I have something 'mojo-esque' for him).

I want to start with Mojo Hand simply because this was by far the coolest way to send baseball cards I have seen yet. Not to say I need anything fancy like this ever, but what a great idea. Perhaps if my bills came in the mail like this they would be more tolerable.

I would have been happy with just the envelope, however the cards inside were indeed worthy of the title we have all grown to love/hate and make fun of "mojo". Take a look at what Jay sent me:

2008 Topps Stadium Club Beam Team autograph Robinson Cano (Holy schnikeys!)

2007 UD Elements Troy Tulowitzki RC, 2008 UD Baseball Heroes Joba Chamberlain /249 (sweet because I have no serial numbered or SP's of Joba), and 2009 Topps Heritage Robinson Cano SP

Variety of Yankee Greats to add to my Yankee Stadium Legacy collection

Jay, you and I are going to get along famously- if I don't find anything for you perhaps a $12 bleacher ticket will make-up for it in the future. Thanks a million!!!

Now, onto Matt's package from HBC... Matt is always on the look-out for Pujols cards and Yankee Stadium Legacy for me, and often just sends things along (like this), for cards to be named later. I shall search for those cards this weekend. Matt found 2 Pujols inserts from 2005 that I don't have and now am giddy about. Here is what Matt sent me:

2005 Topps Total Albert Pujols, Total Topps and Total Production

Yahoo!!! What a day for mail, and I didn't get a single bill in the mail which made this even more fun. Thanks so much Matt, I will see what I can send you from you want list.

I will be attempting to put together a small break blog later tonight or tomorrow depending on how late I make it. I have been asleep before the 11 o'clock news almost every night this week. Sad.


  1. Hol-Lee Crap! An envelope made out of wrappers.


  2. Surprised the post office didn't give you a hard time about that.

    The ones by me, freak if the previous use of a box or envelope is not completely blackened out.

  3. A $12.00 bleacher ticket would be more then enough. Im glad you liked it Marie.