June 4, 2009

The Big Unit gets the big win

Randy Johnson got his 300th career win today and is an accomplishment that we probably will not see again anytime soon, if not ever. He joins a very elite group of pitchers and pretty much just sealed his Hall of Fame status.

Johnson is 2nd all time in strikeouts over his 22 year career in the majors. Vin Scully just mentioned on the game that Johnson has had more wins in his 40's than in his 20's since he was a little wild early in his career.

Good for Randy even if he couldn't do anything in pinstripes I will still tip my cap to him for such an amazing accomplishment. Something for the baseball world to celebrate that has little doubt of being tainted by PED's or cheating (we hope).

Image is courtesy of the Examiner which has the story. I just borrowed it to make this look nice.

I personally don't see any pitcher getting 300 wins anymore. I know it is a possibility but there is no one even close right now, Moose I believe, was the next closest to Johnson but he retired. If anyone sees someone doing it by all means let me know your pick, I feel like this would be an interesting debate.


  1. we probably won't see it happen again for a long time, but there are a handful of pitchers out there who, if they hold up into their 40's, have a good chance of getting 300 wins. Santana, Halladay, and Sabathia immediately come to mind, but that would be like in the year 2020.

    I'm kicking myself now because I had tickets to this game but didn't go (I went to the rained out one last night).

  2. I'm not one of those thinks it will NEVER happen (I hear that a lot). But it's going to be awhile. Best shots right now are Sabathia and Santana.

  3. I don't see Santana as the next but Halladay seems like a better pick. As far as Sabathia goes, not sure how his weight will effect his pitching as he ages, time will tell.

  4. It really is impressive when you think about the company he has joined.

  5. I think CC has a chance, if he can lay off the cookies.

  6. Ken Rosenthal was talking about this on ESPN Radio on Wednesday and I agree with him. I think that it will happen again, and that these 300 game winners sneak up on you. 5 Years ago, nobody would have thought that Randy Johnson would be there--he was already 40. The thing about the guys who get there is that they have a second wind late in their careers, and that is something that is hard to predict. An interesting name Rosenthal threw out was Mark Burhle, a guy who is consistent and durable and in a number of years we might all say, "how the hell did he get so high on the list?" It will happen again, but I'll be damned if I know when, or who.