June 7, 2009

Are we all just a bunch of suckers?

I'm not sure what made me start thinking about this today but I feel like sometimes the card companies bet on us being suckers. Sometimes they win, and in the case of me vs. Adam Lind Co-Signers auto's they won.

Most of us collect at least one specific player and try to get as many cards of him as possible, and some of us even like to pick up autographs of that player. I use the Co-Signers as an example because here I am buying all these autographs that are each serial numbered to something else while only really getting the same card with a sticker and a different serial number. I know I am not the only one suckered by this. There are plenty of things like this that I do not bother with, and some that I do. I know that some of the Co-Signers are technically "blue" or whatever according to Beckett but they look the same to me unless they are dark blue like the one I just got on eBay.

I now have 5 of these Co-Signers from 2007 and I a still missing a couple. I don't believe that this is the case with all serial numbered cards but I feel like alot of them ending being very similar to this example. Don't get me wrong, I like serial numbered cards in different colors. It may sound crazy but I like a page or half page in my binder with one card in a bunch of colors, for some reason I think it looks cool and to get all of them would feel like an accomplishment. Just sometimes it all seems a bit ridiculous when 4 different serial numbers all appear to be plain silver.

Then again, if they (all serial numbered auto's) were all vastly different like collecting the "By the Letter" cards from SP Authentic it would be cooler looking, more expensive and have manufactured patches so I guess we're screwed either way.

I'm done now.


  1. Yes.....another edition of a simple answer for a simple question. Addicts are always suckers.

  2. I'm collecting Adam Lind also and these are a pain in the butt!

  3. Yes - I think we are. I came to that conclussion while collecting game used jersey pieces.