May 17, 2009

Yankees vs. Twins

Today Sooz, her nephew, and I went to "the" Yankee Stadium as her nephew called it. We got to see a really great game, plus free baseball. Today was Frankie's birthday and going to the game was a surprise for him. He said he had a great time though I think he would have been happier in Toys R Us. He will fit right into the bleachers because he had no idea what was going on. Sitting out there makes it a struggle to have any idea what is going on most times because everyone knows each other and you spend most of the time talking, chanting, taunting, and then paying attention. I've spent many games trying to keep score to pay more attention and I don't think I have ever made it past the 5th inning, and the innings I did contained many MO's (mystery outs). I also don't remember them winning a game where I kept score, not that it's my fault but I noticed that happening.

Thanks to my addiction to Twitter I get constant updates when the Yankees beat writers from many different outlets update their blogs. I was reading Pete's blog, which I have linked here many times, and he was asking people if they thought about wanting someone else to have won the game for the Yankees other than A-Rod, and if that thought crossed anyone's mind as the bat hit the ball. When that bat made contact everyone knew it was gone, and I didn't think of that for even a nano-second.

The better A-Rod does when this team needs him, the better off the Yankees are, and the happier the fans will be. It doesn't make sense for the fans to boo him becuase of the PED admission suring the offseason because he is "sensitive" and might not perform if we do. What kind of fans would we be to boo A-Rod, yet cheer for Pettitte and Giambi? I, for one, don't care who wins the game so long as we win. The bat boy could do it for all I care. I want to see A-Rod do well regardless of his past because we need him to win (we could also stand to get a new bullpen, but that's another story).

Is it horrible that I really don't care what he or anyone else did in the past? I'm also not going to be surprised by any of it anymore. I remember when this all starting happening, with the admission and leaking of names and I was in shock. Now, I just don't care. If I spent my time caring about this and getting myself annoyed that some, not all, players are or were cheaters I would hate the game. I don't want to hate the game, I love it way too much to just stop being a fan. Only one person could admit to using steroids to really make me do a 180 on my opinion at this point and that guy is Derek Jeter. If he ever was found to have used PED's I would probably never go to a Yankees game again. However, I have all the faith in the world that he has never touched the stuff.

What is everyone else thinking about this? Does anyone care anymore?


  1. I have basically never cared for one simple reason: ya gotta have skillz. Look, I could take all the PEDs in the world and still never hit a small round ball coming at me at 90, 80, heck probably even 60 miles an hour.

    Bonds was the only person that gave me pause, and even after my initial anger, I quit caring.

    The MLB is a very sick organization that needs an independent doctor from the outside to fix it. It's a monopoly that feeds off itself like a virus. Until the MLB reorganizes itself in the fashion of every other major sports organization, it will always be sick.

    I cannot really blame the players. Lots of people take advantage of loopholes all the time - drive 5 mph over the limit, take all the deductions on taxes whether justified or not, take 4 Tylenol instead of 2... Yes, PEDs may give players an advantage, but I am a baseball fan. I love the game, and I love to watch my favorite players play.

    The only issue I have is trying to teach my kids not to do drugs, yet their heroes (my son LOVES A-Rod) admit to using them.

  2. This series has been KILLING me! We used to have such a good bullpen...

  3. I only care if a Yankee gets caught. :)

  4. I'm watching Sunday's game in mute because these TBS broadcasters are terrible.

  5. It has to be hard for parents to teach kids the ol' do as they say and not as they do. I know the last thing on players minds is that they are role models for kids and younger players, but that is the reality of it.

    If a young boys idol is doing steroids, and winning and playing well, it makes it that much harder to explain why it's wrong. Until something comes out where one of these players has real medical issues as a result of using, there is really no drawbacks looking in from the outside as a kid.

    Maybe more people should read about what has been happening to Jose Canseco personally, and professionally.

  6. I still don't get that from a list of over 100 names, his was the only one which was leaked. No-one else thinks this is odd? Are they going to release the other names? If not, how/why was A-Rod's released. Surely there are other names of note on the list.

  7. I prefer the Phil Rizzuto (ww)"wasn't watching".

    I also could card less about the PED's. But it bothers me that a lot of other people think it is ok and these players should be elected to the HOF.

  8. How could I forget about ww? Oddly enough I would have known what that meant without telling me. I loved lil Scooter. He was so much fun to listen to as a kid.

  9. Thanks Mojo!

    I am sure there are some spare A's that I can send your way as well.

  10. I loved listening to Scooter, Bill White, and Messer (can't remember his first name at the moment). Great memories.

    I really can't stand Sterling and Suzy Q. Barely tolerate Michael Kay.

    I think it was Frank Messer.