May 4, 2009

A visit to the card shop

Well, it is sort of a card shop. There is only one store left near me with hobby products and it is mostly a toy store, and a place to buy and trade Magic cards for kids (and some adults). They sell supplies at a higher price, comic books, wrestling figures, and a small section dedicated to sports cards. I'm reluctant to give the name of the place, but I scanned the wrapper so you can decide on looking there yourself. The store is a complete and utter rip-off.

I've seen the owner/manager in Target buying an entire shopping cart full of the newest toys leaving the shelves bare, only to drive them up the road and double the price. I understand they are looking to make money, but at the expense of who? Small children who want to get the newest toys from new movies or tv shows? So really you are putting the hurt on parents who may not have the extra income to spend double to get their child a toy.

I think I have mentioned this store before for their 50% box of packs. I went up there to buy a 2 row box for my GU/AU cards, and to pick up a case or two for my Lind cards. Since I can't help but rummaging through that box, that was my first stop. It looked like pretty much the same packs since the last time I was there so I walked away and went to the supplies. On my way I checked out their hobby box prices, I only looked at 2009 Goudey ($103.99!!), 2009 Finest ($106.99, not terrible), and 2009 Piece of History ($89.99). Hobby packs of Goudey were $5.99, and a mini box of Finest was $56.99. As much as I want to open some Goudey, I can wait for retail and spend half as much. They were charging $2.99 for a thick (180pt.) snap case, or I could get a 15 ct. hinge case for 55 cents. I got 2 hinge cases for 55 cents each and they will serve the same purpose. I looked for a magazine toploader for my Opening Day program, but they didn't have any. I needed a binder, saw they were $6.99 each and thought that I would come back for that another day or pick up one for $5 at the White Plains show next time it's around.

Here is where the plot thickens a wee bit. I asked the kid behind the counter if he could get me a 2 row storage box since they don't leave them out, he said sure. While he was in the back, I went back to the bargain box. There they were, packs I have never opened before- 1994 Bowman's Best. Best part, they were $1.50 each! Good thing I am too cheap to buy a binder there because now I can buy useless packs! I grabbed a couple and started to the counter when something else caught my eye.

I saw a gold Yankee card, looked down and saw $24.99 and THEN read "Chase Wright". It was a 2007 SP Rookie Edition Chase Wright. I wonder if you get to meet him after buying it for that price so even he can kick your ass. Then on the next shelf was an odd Goudey advertising panel of Jeter, Ruth, and Griffey, Jr. for $9.99, which I assumed was a rip-off since almost everything else in the store was. I figured I would find out what it is, and find a price online to see if it is worth going back to pick up for Sooz. There is only one on eBay, and it seems to be a promotional Upper Deck item. Price of $9.99 seems fair so I will go back Wednesday and pick one up for Sooz. I don't understand why they used the 2007 cards, but who I am I to say what looks stupid.

I ripped my packs and here are the better cards:

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  1. You should know to avoid the Wizard of Toys, total rip off... you should visit The Baseball card Store Inc in Midland Park, NJ... it's about 20 minutes from the Wizard.