May 4, 2009

Start with the Cardboard Connection

I'm sure there aren't many of out there who do not know about the Cardboard Connection. Just in case, it's a site that offers news, reviews and much more about trading cards and memorabilia. It connects people in the hobby world without the attitude.

Maybe I just like it because they've decided to take me on as one of their contributors. I'm excited about this opportunity because even though I get to write about sports in my real life, I don't get to write about sports cards.

So, here in my fake life on the blogosphere, I write about baseball cards whenever I want.

My first article went up on the Cardboard Connection today. You can find the article here. It's a little grim, but nevertheless true. I was feeling a little down the day I wrote it.

I hope to contribute to the site once a week and will try not to overlap on anything you can find here at A Cardboard Problem. However, if I tough on a topic here, I may expand on it over at Cardboard Connection



  1. Congratulations Sooz. Nice post. Im lucky enough to have a cool shop close by Triple Crown Sports Cards. A lot more attention needs to be paid to these places, and Im glad you stood up and spoke for them.

    The Mojo Hand

  2. Hey Mojo who do you collect? I checked out your blog and couldn't really tell.

  3. SooZ
    Im what you would call A foolish prospector. Im also sadly a huge A's fan. At the moment I am collecting Kurt Suzuki, Ryan Sweeney, Dallas Braden. I was collecting Tiny Tim, but his cards went off the chart so I backed off a little.


  4. that was Marie who asked. She's Covered in Wrappers on the comment and posts.

    I'm just Sooz.

  5. I'm Marie.

    What made you pick Jeter on Mario's blog if you don't even collect him?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I was saving him for you. Let me know when you want him back.

    The Mojo Hand

  8. So you can give him to Sooz. LoL

  9. I'm confused. Are you saying that you will give Sooz the Jeter option on Mario's blog or what? I'm not sure what you were/are saving since I'm not sure who it is you are talking about.

  10. Lets start over again. If you don't mind.

    Sooz great post.

    Marie I collect A's prospects, and I previously collected Lincecum. There is actually a little picture of him on the side of my blog that says " WANTED"

    Why did I pick Jeter? Honestly it was random. No reason.

    Can Sooz have Jeter from Mario's blog. Of course she can. I will Email him,and give him the heads up tomorrow morning.

    Sorry for the confusion. I had 2 shows in 3 days, and should be in bed.

    Take care ladies,

    The Mojo Hand

  11. LOL OK

    Now that I know what is totally going on, this was fun.

    Sooz will definitely appreciate your gesture of giving up Jeter.

    Have a good night and get some sleep!

  12. Congratulations. We're really glad to have you and feel you are a great addition to the site.