May 27, 2009

A slice of heaven: eBay style

I have mentioned here and there that I picked up some good bargains on eBay with Pujols Goudey cards and some of them have rolled in. I'm still waiting on a couple more but I have amassed quite a little Goudey collection so far. Here is what I managed to get from the bargain bin of eBay:

(I say bargain bin because most of these were less than $1 or they had $1/free shipping)


This next card is probably my next best eBay steal. This one was $2.59 with free shipping, in a bubble mailer.

2009 Bowman Orange Parallel 071/250

I said on Sunday I was going to update my list, yet I haven't logged in a single card nor updated my want list so stay tuned... I may get to that someday this week. I am still trying to sort through all my mail at this point, and I still have one more trade to highlight later on.

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