May 11, 2009

Playing catch up

I mailed out a couple of bubble mailers today to people I e-mailed, and some that I owed cards to. If I still owe you cards, please let me know my brain is not functioning properly lately and I can't remember who I owe what to. I am pretty sure I owe sruchris a couple of cards, Stale Gum, and perhaps Matt at HBC if he mailed out already.

I got a sweet 4-in 1 Goudey of Pujols from Jeff over at Card Junkie today which made me happy. I love that I get random awesome cards in the mail, and I love sending them out that way also. It makes things fun and it is always nice to know that you have friends out there, who you may have never met, but when they see a card they think of you.

I also neglected to post the fantasy baseball standings, mostly because my team made me so mad I really didn't even want to look at the league. So stay tuned, we will play catch up on that too next week.


  1. You're very welcome Marie, I love to surprise people with cards. =)

  2. It's a long baseball season when you are a fan and even longer when you are in control of a fantasy team which tests your patience. There have been times when I've wanted to chuck it all in before June. I'm hoping Billie Beane has more fun.