May 14, 2009

The mailman delivers

I've been waiting on a couple of things from eBay, and finally something fun arrived today. I got these 2 Robinson Cano cards for $3.10 delivered, the gold medallion card was a buck and the Turkey Red red was a buck ten. Though the shipping was only a dollar it was a little annoying to open this one for only one reason- the cards were halfway out of the penny sleeves when I opened it. I anticipated the shipping to be in a white envelope and I was fine with it for a dollar, but I expected the cards to be a little better protected. They were between 2 pieces of thin cardboard, each in a penny sleeve which was taped from the bottom to the cardboard.

I am also waiting on about 5 cards from a seller that I really like and have purchased from many times in the past. I bought the cards on April 30th, paid on May 1st. I sent 2 e-mails asking where the items are with no response. I filed a claim with PayPal after the first e-mail went unanswered and I am still waiting to find out what happened. I don't like to put claims in if there is an extenuating circumstance, but at least give me the courtesy of a response so I know they are on their way soon. Sooz ordered cards around the same time from the same seller and got them about 3 days later I think she said. Maybe my order was overlooked? (Sad face)


  1. At least the envelope wasn't white.

  2. Sounds like its time to follow up on that claim.