May 24, 2009

Long awaited mailday

As many of you know I spent a good 20 days waiting for an eBay purchase to arrive, and after several unanswered e-mails and a PayPal claim I called the seller. He advised me of the issue that prevented my cards from getting to me, which sounded like crap since Sooz ordered from the same guy and got her cards within a few days. But at any rate, I have purchased from this seller many, many times and this is the only problem I have ever had and I don't believe Sooz has ever had one. He has one of the largest card stores on eBay and most base cards are a buck but higher end cards are overpriced in my eyes.

This is what I had ordered, but Sooz bought me a Russ Martin 09 Finest because she's the best. So this one will make it's way to Night Owl if he needs it.

I love baseball cards.

I also picked up these from another seller, Cano for a buck and Pujols Heads Up for $2.50 (cheapest at the time on eBay, not sure why he took the offer). If anyone has the Pujols Heads Up on its way to me as we speak, if you would like it back I will send it back with a future trade.

I am going to try and log all of these cards, plus the ones from the store and some trades in today. We'll see how much I actually get done. I'm going to the Yankees/Phillies game today but I am sure I will be tweeting on Twitter for your entertainment.


  1. After all my praise over the player selection on the Goudy quads...I have no idea why those four guys would be on the same card.

  2. I sent a Pujols Heads Up... if you wanna send it back you can, but if not, no worries either.