May 12, 2009

It took long enough

Sorry for the lack of entertainment the last day or so, which is half the reason for the title. The other half of the reason is that I saw this picture on one of my friend's Facebook pages (we used to work together).

That is what is left of BC Sports in my local mall. I walked by there the other day and it was still filled with what was in the store on an everyday basis. I am still wondering where everything is going and where it will be liquidated, unless a company bought all of their assets.

Speaking of stores, I went to 2 Target's yesterday and neither one had any retail packs of Goudey or Piece of History. I have yet to see Piece of History in Target yet, not that I need to be buying it but I would like the option. I still want to go back to that K-Mart to see what is left and maybe if they got some new retail packs.

Has anyone seen new retail packs in their Targets? I feel like they are a little slow this year on getting in new items. I know that it takes a little longer for the retail version to sometimes hit stores, but it's horrible this year. I think the fact that there are really no local hobby stores makes it that much worse.

I think the White Plains show is this coming weekend, which could be a great thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Great because there is no where to buy things around here, and bad because there is no extra money to go play with there. I wonder if this show will be bigger than the last one we hit. The last time we had gone the show was down to about half the normal size, and it is probably because of the economy and not the lack of people that are floating around (although there seemed to be less people as well).

I'll be here waiting for the Yankees to lose (maybe win), and watching the season finale of The Biggest Loser because I love that show.


  1. i found goudey packs at my target last week.

  2. Single packs of both Goudey and Piece of History in my Target today. I bought a pack of each. I actually liked what I got out of POH. Post coming in the wee hours.

  3. On my way in, the gate at BC was open and I wanted to ask the moving guys what they were doing with all the merchandise. But they didn't appear to speak English.

  4. I also found some Goudey packs at the Target near me. How was the season finale of the Biggest Loser? When you see the before and after, it is nearly impossible to reconcile the two.