May 8, 2009

If anyone wanted to read my mind

You would probably be seeing the following thoughts...

So sleepy. $3.23 for an iced coffee, and I drank it in 5 minutes. Need to send out cards on my desk. I should try that Kettle Corn in the kitchen. So sleepy. Canuck is weird. Suzy's in traffic. Need to look at trade offers and figure out what YSL cards I need. Does Beckett work today? The Yankees announcers are so freakin' boring. Need to try and call the doctor again, 6 days in a row now. Want to open the box on the floor. Why am I addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook?

I could keep going but I would bore you. Clearly I could be working on mail and trades right now, but instead I'm going to read the other blogs out there and see what is going on in baseball card land. Anyone get anything good today? Perhaps with a #5, St. Louis Cardinal on it?


  1. I can only answer one question. Beckett is working, because right now I am doing all my updating.

  2. May I add update my want list.

    Thanks for the heads up on Beckett, I'm headed there now.

  3. Look me up on Facebook. I'll join your Mafia. I'm addicted to that too.

  4. I sent a friend request, lol. I'm all about it.

  5. Good morning Marie. Im going to sink my teeth into A hobby of 09 Goudy. Ill throw you some needs later.


  6. Hey Mojo, thanks!! I picked up 3 Pujols cards from Goudey on eBay a few days ago but there are still a bunch more that I need.