May 26, 2009

A few notes on the blog and my status on life support

Well, I'm back to work for the first time in about five or six days. The sickest (sick in a good way) is I didn't have to take any personal time. (I really hope my editor isn't reading this).

I did some work while I'm my recovery trip, but not enough. Now, I'm spending most of the day catching up on everything I missed. Some of you have asked -- others just don't care and I'm fine with that -- but I am feeling better. Not 100 percent, but definitely much better than I was this weekend.

So anyone that I had any trades to go out, I should be catching up on them this week. It's been long enough that I've had your cards.

Here are a few notes on the blog itself. I found them interesting enough to share with Marie and she thought we should let you guys know how much we appreciate everything we have here.

1. We hit over 50K total visitors this month, since we started keeping track. We didn't always keep track of the total. I think that's 50K since January. Not too shabby.

2. Two posts ago was out 500th blog post. I didn't know or else it woulda had flashing lights or fireworks or something.

3. My Jeter collection thanks you all for the great additions.

Not the best 502nd post on here, but I do have to get back to work. These articles aren't going to write themselves. If only I had that pen from Harry Potter that wrote the articles as the person talked.


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