May 30, 2009

Dual 2009 Upper Deck Box Breaks ( box!)

I ordered two boxes of 2009 Upper Deck hoping for one of two things. A Jeter buyback, which I would have taken over everything, or a hot box. When I got the package, I opened one of the UD boxes.

I opened the buy back. Boring.

So I got to ripping. Here are the highlights from that box:

20th Anniversary Buybacks
Kevin Gross

UD 20th Anniversary

Cal Ripken Jr.
Carlton Fisk
Jimmy Rollins
Shaquille O'Neal
Ken Griffey Jr.
"I Love You" email virus
Michael Young
Opening Day in Japan

O-Pee-Chee Preview
Dustin Pedroia
Brandon Webb
Matt Holliday

USA Baseball
Chris Hernandez
Matt Den Dekker
AJ Griffin
Tyler Lyons

GU Jersey

Josh Barfield
Derek Dietrich USA Baseball

Greg Smith

At this point, since I need to go to work, I don't have time to open the other box. I figure let me just look at the buyback because I have no patience. I open the other box and see there is no buy back and got annoyed. I think I got hosed.

I go to work and I'm reading card blog (because that's what people do at work) and I read a comment on Wax Heaven that you'd know a hot box by the buy back. There wasn't more specification than that, but I think I got one box with a buyback and one without. I wonder if that's the difference.

About three days go by before I remembered about the Upper Deck box again.

Last night, after I got home from work after midnight, I remembered the other box.

Sure enough, it was a hot box. It wasn't great, but it is what I asked for.

Here are those highlights:

Jonathan Herrera auto
Kyle Gibson USA Baseball auto/jersey /225
Tyler Lyons USA Baseball gu jersery
Chris Hernandez USA Baseball auto
Joaquin Arias Inkcredible auto

Christian Colon USA Baseball auto
Kevin Hart Inkcredible auto
Mike Minor USA Baseball auto
Steve Holm Inkcredible auto

Matt Kemp auto/GU /25 (best card of the bunch)

Blake Smith USA Baseball auto
Matt Den Dekker USA Baseball
Gregorio Petit Inkcredible Auto
Harold Baines 20th Anniversary buyback

Ross Ohlendorf Inkcredible auto
Mike Leake USA Baseball auto

UD 20th Anniversary cards
Denver Broncos
Michael Jordan
Gov. of Minnesota
Mars Pathfinder
Detroit Red Wings
FDR Memorial
Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Wade Boggs)
Chicago Bulls (Michael Jordan)

USA Baseball
Chris Hernandez
Mike Leake
Tyler Lyons
Matt Den Dekker

O-Pee-Chee Preview
Derrek Lee
Vladimir Guerrero
Adrain Gonzalez
Carlos Lee

GU Jersey
Josh Barfield (Again, but this was with a white jersey)

That's the break of the two boxes. While the cards weren't overly impressive. I still had a lot of fun opening this break.

And, really, isn't that the point of all this.


  1. DROOL.
    I want that Matt Kemp card!

  2. Yet another reason not to buy U.D Series two. Take away the Kemp auto, and your looking at well I would rather not say the word out of respect to Sooz.


  3. Here is a little bio on the buy back auto!

    Kenneth Alphonso Kelly (born January 26, 1979 in Plant City, Florida) is a minor league outfielder for the Chicago White Sox Triple-A affiliate, the Charlotte Knights. Previously, he has played in the major leagues for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Cincinnati Reds, and Washington Nationals. He had also been a quarterback for the University of Miami football team.
    On July 26, 2008 Kelly turned himself into the Plant City Police station where he was arrested on three felony drug counts. Police said he was charged with possession of marijuana and purchase and solicitation to deliver marijuana — all third-degree felonies.

  4. The Kemp auto turns something I would be totally bored with into something totally amazing.

  5. JEEBUS!!

    great box. i'm likin' those opc preview cards. that's gonna be a hot set if it ever comes out.

  6. OK, so I read all these comments at the gym and I swear I was cracking up so hard at "Sooz has a hot box.
    Awesome." and that Kenny Kelly is a known felon.

    I wonder if he will resign it with his inmate number on a double buy-back.

    Way to go UD on bringing the hobby closer to crime, one card at a time.

  7. The hot box jokes were already used when I told my boyfriend what I got. lol.

    Even though I didn't get thrilling cards, I honeslty enjoyed breaking the box. For me, it was fun.

    So, it doesn't matter who I got - or didn't get.

  8. As long as you had fun with it thats all that matters. After all thats what collecting is all about.