May 3, 2009

Another crazy idea

I picked up some Pujols cards for a buck on eBay recently and it got me thinking that I have a bunch of doubles and some triples here. I have to update my 2009 want list since I have been slacking on that, and since I haven't been able to sleep in about a week I should have done that. I've had a brutal sore throat that will not go away, so me and green tea have become quite close this week.

At any rate, my crazy idea is this: trade me cards of Albert that I don't have in exchange for some of my Albert's. I have inserts and SP's as well as base card doubles. I also have a dual GU Jersey card of him and Vlad to trade for a similiar card.

Part two of my crazy idea will be talked about later once I find the cards I am interested in trading, they are 2 autographs one is a refractor and I am pretty sure someone may want them. Of course I will be looking for an auto in return, so if you have any Cano autographs please keep an eye out for later.

I'll be here watching Robin Hood Men in Tights for the 900th time if anyone wants to entertain me.


  1. Isn't Men in Tights entertainment?

    Sounds like a great idea trading doubles of your guy for singles of your guy. I only wish I had anything left that you need.